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Aug 29, 2007 01:26 PM

Anniversary Dinner in North Shore

Any recommendations for nice place/great food near Sea Cliff, appropriate for anniversary dinner? I'm new to the area, but I have a long list of potential places. caveat--my wife is a red sauce girl and is not a fan of gamey meat, seafood, middle eastern...that's why a place like Bistro M would be a waste (unless I'm wrong and please lmk if that's the case). She typically orders red sauce and/or pasta dish, chicken or steak. I like all food. we don't want to go far as it will be on a weeknight and both of us are working late and will have late start and will therefore be hungry! and we plan to drink vino so the shorter the drive the better...
Here's my list--hopefully I'll try every one of these over the years:

Trattoria Diane: Will she like the menu? Is it nice inside?
Besito: Appropriate for anniversary?
Thyme: I've seen mixed reviews on the food--is there outdoor seating?
Il Mulino: Is it a ripoff?
LA BUSSOLA RISTORANTE,LA GINESTRA RESTAURANT, LA PACE RESTAURANT--are they too cheesy for anniversary dinner? (I love food in Parkside in Corona, Queens but wouldn't go there for anniversary)
Roots: Local place we would like to try anyway...
Stresa: Only heard good things, is furthest away though...

Any/all help is appreciated.


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  1. This may be too far for you, but if your wife is a red sauce Italian person, try La Parma on Willis Avenue in Williston Park. Not sure if the atmosphere is what you would be looking for and they do not take reservations, but they have a lot of red-sauce Italian dishes, as well as others.

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      Of your Italian choices, I would say La Bussola first, followed by La Pace, but La Bussola is much better IMHO. And, both have the atmosphere you seek and the white glove type service, although, La Pace is slightly more white glove, but I prefer the food at La Bussola hands down.

      I think La Parma would be a terrible choice for an anniversary. It's loud, obnoxious, auction-style service, big tables of loud people, etc. And the food is mediocre at best, IMHO. Plus, family-style is terrible with two people, b/c you have to want to eat the same things.

      In the future, for good "everyday" Italian, try Iavarone Bros. Cafe in the Lake Success Shopping Center on Union Tpke, just west of NHP Road.

      It's very underrated I think. Great food, good service, and not too pricey. Fabulous bread and fried zucchini too die for!

      1. re: JGS

        fyi, Iavarone bros. are opening a new restaurant on shore rd. in port washington. It will be called Prime View. Not sure when it's opening... it might even be open already.

        1. re: monalisawoman

 it going to be in that bad luck space...where the Indian place was and then it was Wreck?

          1. re: JGS

            It's in that house on the corner by the nice little park,

            1. re: JGS

              yes! but you forgot Cinnamon Club, & a couple of other versions.

      2. You might want to try Jonathan's in Garden City Park on Jericho Turnpike. I have never visited but they have a fairly extensive menu and seems like a nice enough place for a n anniversary.


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        1. re: foodieforthought

          Jonathan's is nice and I have been many times (more often for lunch). I probably wouldn't select it for an anniversary dinner. My post is a bit late because by now OP has probably celebrated his anniversary.

        2. I totally agree with JGS about La Bussola and La Pace. La Parma is not what I would call an anniversary place, but it is the premier red sauce establishment. If you are talking parmigiana, they may not even have that on the menu at La Pace, they have changed chefs in recent times. I love Stressa for northern Italian. I would not put Jonathan's in their league.
          If, by the way, you want a fun place to go to with a crowd, Caio Baby in Carle Place or Massapequa are great, and you can get plenty of red sauce.

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