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Aug 29, 2007 01:21 PM

Being dragged to Pink Taco - anything edible?

I’ve only heard negative things about it, but I’m being forced to go – has anyone had anything decent? What about their appetizers?

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  1. I believe that Dommy, guru (guru-ess?) of all things Yucutan on this list, has opined that their pork pibil tacos are actually pretty good for a chain with a stupid name...

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      Good memory!... Skip the salads (Awful) the Margarita is strong and good and those Pibil Tacos are pretty darn tasty (They do the pickled onions JUST right!)


    2. Had lunch at the one in Scottsdale AZ last month. I had drink and make a meal out of the hot chips and the different salsas they offer, YUMMY.

      1. Carne asada tacos are quite good.

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        1. re: hrhboo

          anything else here that's edible?

          is there any hope of seeing a non-chain restaurant in the century city shopping mall?
          guess it'll be when pigs fly.

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            Breadbar is excellent! I frequent the one on 3rd Street. It's casual, non-pretentious french fare. Every dish I've tried so far has been perfectly satisfying. If you show up late enough, they'll be generous and throw in some fantastic fresh bread for free. You haven't experienced real bread until you've had bread from Kayser.

            The husband and I had were in a similar predicament when a friend of ours was having a CAA going away party at Pink Taco. Fear of experiencing a Hard Rock Cafe type of dinner prohibited us from eating for the hour we spent schmoozing. Tired and hungry we made a beeline to Breadbar to eat. The perfect escape.

        2. I had a torta in Vegas that was okay.

          1. I'm not sure why you'd have to ask if anything is "edible" there. I think most people that have negative things to say about Pink Taco haven't been there in awhile. They went through a bit of a rough spot but they're definitely showing off their A game now! I have been going there pretty frequently over the past year and I've found that the service, the food, the drinks, just about damn near everything has been getting consistently better with each visit! I really think that everyone should try the place out at least one more time before they keep giving out harsh judgments of Pink Taco.

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              ^^ Exactly! Sometimes the line is around the corner. I don't think people would wait in line if the food isn't "edible" *rolls eyes*