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Aug 29, 2007 01:15 PM

The U.S. Open...anything good to eat there?

Anything to eat? Anything to avoid?

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  1. In general their are some decent food inside the Food Court, expensive and jammed with people, hard to find a place to sit and eat. However, there is a restaurant called Mojito's, good Mojito of course and good steak sandwich and good Cuban sandwich. You get to sit outside or in, waiter service etc. Enjoy!

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    1. re: PeteDelfino

      What about to eat nearby? I've got my CH Guide out and am going to try to figure out a place to go for an early dinner tomorrow before heading in (eschewing, based on last year's experience, the hospitality suite of the kind institution that has provided us with these lovely tickets).

      1. re: MMRuth

        Go to Leo's in Corona, get two "specials," bring them into the venue and make everyone jealous.

        1. re: Shayna Madel

          leo's was closed at about 6 on tuesday night when i went by intending to do just sandwiches from the italian deli between where corona heights pork store used to be and the lemon ice king. ok, but it was not mama's special...

          1. re: esteban

            Was there a Met game? Maybe they were at the ballpark.

            1. re: esteban

              I thought fans were prohibited from bringing food in. Has this changed?

              1. re: Clinton Hiller

                No idea, but years ago, food was allowed to be brought in for Arthur Ashe Kids Day there. Maybe the site says what's allowed/not. But hey, you're talking to someone who snuck a long-lens camera into Giants Stadium multiple times several years ago, so I could take photos of Bruce Springsteen (not for commercial use)...Besides, judging from the way that most entertainment and athletic venues "check" bags, I don't think it would be a major problem to put a hero at the bottom of a large handbag, cover it with stuff and saunter in. Most places either use metal detectors or glance in your bag, look for bottles, cans and weapons. At least that's the way they are at the Nassau Colisseum and Northfork Theater at Westbury for relatively benign events.

                1. re: Clinton Hiller

                  you can bring in what they refer to as a "reasonable amount of food." i assume that is to be sure that people aren't going to resell. in short, you can bring in stuff for yourself, including drinks, so long as you have no coolers and no glass or metal containers. sandwich, soda and chips in a plastic bag is more than fine.

              2. re: Shayna Madel

                you're one stop away from main street! 'nuff said!

                1. re: Linda

                  Leo's closes eaely, probbaly 4:30-5:00

          2. In 2002, they had a pretty good lobster roll at one of the concession stands.
            (of course it's probably $25 now.)

            1. Well - we went tonight, but went to Sripraphai for dinner first - got there around 5:45 by cab, great dinner - beautiful evening to eat outside. It was a quick ride on the 7 train to the U.S. Open and we were in our seats in time to see Venus play.

              The only comment I can make about the concessions there is that when my husband returned with a litre bottle of Evian and a cup of diet coke, I asked him how much it was and he said "I don't know, I gave them a twenty and got a couple of dollars back." And, when he asked for a cup for the water (He said "it's for my wife. How's she supposed to drink it?") they refused. So I swigged my water (which is fine, though I'm glad my mother wasn't watching). People around us - we were in the "Club" section - were eating what pretty much looked like junk from the concession stands. That Mojito place was pretty packed.

              1. Not really. It's not about the food, after all.

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                1. re: GrnMntn

                  I saw a piece on the news this morning about Mojitos - they were making ceviche (apparently they steam or poach the fish first) and lobster quesadillas. Have to say that the ceviche *looked* good.

                  1. re: MMRuth

                    Was at Mojitos last night...had a wonderful "Watermelon Mojito" the special of the day...$12...yikes but it was good we ordered a pitcher at $38 supposed to contain 4 servings so the math made sense. THe pitcher was terrible, certainly not as good as the first drink...I complained and they were so nice about it. Took it back and redid it, and they were wonderful again.

                    We shared the lobster'cheese quesidilla, good but not worth it. But the Cuban sandwich was great with a spice jalapeno slaw...yummy. Of course all was overpriced, but, the Open is only once a year.

                    1. re: PeteDelfino

                      Just because the Open happens annually doesn't mean that have to rip people off with inferior, overpriced food.

                2. The food court tries to be fancy, but is just overpriced and awful. I paid $11.50 for a microwaved salmon sandwich (EW) and my boyfriend had a roast beef sandwich, and said the beef had the consistency of tuna (more EW). If I went again, I'd get the cheapest thing there, like cheese pizza, and try to grin and bear it without a huge cost.

                  The tennis, however, was FANTASTIC!

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                  1. re: chompchomp

                    I totally agree. Unfortunately, the U.S. Open is nowhere near the only sports or entertainment venue selling bad food and drink for incredibly inflated prices. Ever buy a bottle of water at one of these places for 4 bucks? Last year, I went to a game at Shea in April and sent my nephew for hot cocoa. I knew it would be powdered stuff, but was cold and don't drink coffee. Twice he came back with lukewarm water with lumps of chocolate powder. I gave up.