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Aug 29, 2007 01:09 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Asheville/Hendersonville?

I searched the board and couldn't find anything relevant, except for a brief mention of Balsam Mountain Inn. It is a little of west of Asheville, I would rather be in Asheville proper, or south of town toward Hendersonville.

Can anyone suggest some nice places to get dinner on Thanksgiving?


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  1. This is a bumb of sorts. Also, I read above about Grove Park Inn being a good spot. Any others? It doesn't have to an inn, just a good thanksgiving spread.

    1. Highland Lake Inn is very, very good. Emphasis on organic, creative food. It is a little south of Hendersonville. Richmond Hill Inn in Asheville might be a good choice too. I heard 28806 in Asheville did a nice job on thanksgiving last year. Its small, not big on atmosphere but very strong on food. I have just had the more casual offerings at Grove Park Inn, but I would think that they would do a nice Thanksgiving.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. Highland Lake Inn sounds nice. I also like that you gave the counterpoint of a restaurant like 28806. I have been hearing great things about them in general, but would never have thought of them as a thanksgiving place.

      2. Grove Park does a HUGE Thanksgiving Buffet.Make reservations early, it ALWAYS sells out.

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          Hi, I asked this question recently and ended up making reservations at Grove Park Inn... just to let you know, the seatings there are selling out quickly!