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Aug 29, 2007 01:00 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas near Keene, NH - help!

Looking for a rehearsal dinner idea for 35-45 people near Keene, NH.

We'd like to have it at a restaurant or at a hall, and have it catered (that is, not at one of the many hotels). Luca's room isn't big enough, Del Rossi's might be too far away.

Any ideas? Restaurants or halls (that have either good in-house catering or will let us bring in our own).

Also looking for licensed bartending services, or anyone who has used the Pub and can comment on their on or off site catering.

We need your help & clever recommendations!

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  1. Just a very late update - we went with the pub. It was very casual but everyone had a great time and the food was fine. We were in the back room and it was great for milling around and visiting.