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Aug 29, 2007 12:57 PM

little arabia in OC

can someone tell me more about this "little arabia" in anaheim? i have never been but want to drive up and check it out. where exactly is it? what shops/restaurants to look out for? other tidbits about it? thanks!!!!!!!!

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  1. It's better known as Little Gaza, and its not so much an actual place as it is the stretch of Brookhurst between La Palma and Katella...with maybe an even wider purview than that.

    Search for Little Gaza and you'll get a few hits here and even on Google.

    One of my faves is a Falafel stand called Sahara Falafel. Here's a review I did with some pics:

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      And, if you want to have a falafel-off (boy, say THAT ten times fast!) you can get some from Kareem's on Ball and Brookhurst and compare.

      Don't forget about Sarkis Pastry on Ball Road, which is so tasty I salivate thinking about it.

    2. Aaaaaaaaand, since this thread has been linked to very recently, let's add Zankou Chicken (right next to Sarkis Pastry for an Armenian tour de force) and the always-delicious manakeesh (Lebanese pizzas) at Al-Sanabel on Brookhurst north of Ball.

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        ahhh yes Zankou. *drool* I've never been to this location but the other ones in LA are to die for! I buy tubs of their toum (garlic sauce) and eat it at home with a spoon! hehe. I might have to make the drive up to Anaheim someday soon.

        I did in fact go to "Little Arabia" last summer after I posted this. I was quite disappointed in the area. I just noticed a few Muslim clothing stores, barber, a shop with tchotchkes and CDs, and a falafel shop or two. We ended up not eating there at all and drove to Little Saigon instead. :( I guess I expected more like my neighborhood in NYC that had falafel shops, restaurants, hookah cafes, bakeries, travel agents, clothing stores, etc, etc, etc. Maybe I missed something that was there! I'll check it out again when I go to Zankou.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Wife and I drove under the 105 degrees sun from Hollywood to Al-Sanabel... and Herr Über was totally right. The place is a jewel. Wife is of Lebanese descent and kept talking to the owner for a while, all happy. She talked him into fry some nice kibbehs and they were awesome. From there we just drove south on Brookhurst to get some vietnamese sandwiches and some durian boba.

          1. re: gado_gado

            Good to hear! Maybe I'll eat there and just stop by Zankou for a tub of toum. I hope I can sweet talk him into frying me some kibbeh balls too!

            We also have a very good Lebanese place down in Lake Forest but its a lot further away from Hollywood than you are. There are also great places in your area too! :)

            1. re: junglekitte

              Oh yea, when you get there, they might have some kibbeh square on display, he said it is pretty much the same thing, but the ball version is THE one to get. The man was pretty cool, we ordered something that was on a container (on display) and he was like "I'm not letting you have this, it didn't come out the way I wanted it." Very nice - and honest - of him to say that.

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                They offer kibbeh balls every day -- and they are delicious, redolent of the spices in the meat -- but when they run out you have to, as you say, be nice and ask if they will make you more. And you also have to ask specifically if you want yoghurt for a sauce as they come without sauce.

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