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Aug 29, 2007 12:51 PM

St. Louis Downtown Airport

Has anyone tried Oliver's at St. Louis Downtown Airport?

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  1. Is it strange that I didn't even know this airport was there until it came up on a food forum?

    looks like a lot of fried food and St. Louis style (low end) Italian.

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    1. re: bobzemuda

      I knew the airport was there b/c you can't miss it when you go to Grizzlies games. But, i didn't know about the restaurant. It seems reminiscent of Jonesy's a time-warp steakhouse that's at the little Napa Airport, which I used to go to occasionally when I lived there.

    2. I've heard reports both ways. Plenty of my fellow lawmen do lunch there and say it is good average fare. My better half was there for a Xmas party there last year and she would never go back. Poor service and poorer food.

      1. Pilots know the name "St. Louis Downtown Airport," but I think the general population usually refers to it as "Parks Airport" in Cahokia. Might get more responses if you used the less accurate name.