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Aug 29, 2007 12:38 PM

Where to Eat Lunch in Middle of Long Island? [moved from Outer Boroughs board]

My spouse and I are heading from Northern Virginia to Shelter Island tomorrow for a long weekend with friends. The only place we've been on Long Island is JFK Airport! Will be stopping by the National Cemetery in Farmingdale just before or after lunch then arriving on Shelter Island late in the day. I'd like to take my spouse out to a good lunch not too far from Farmingdale. Would greatly appreciate any ideas. Many thanks.

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  1. In Farmingdale at Republic Airport is the 56th Fighter Group Restaurant. You can watch the planes at the airport. Here is their website

      1. re: GCGuy

        eh...GCGuy, I don't know if four is the right place for displaced southerners...for some reason, i don't even feel cool enough to eat in there, but maybe thats just the atmosphere they're going for.


        1. re: foodieforthought

          I dunno. Pretty good food, nice place, really good looking women (and men) the couple times I was there. Not too bad a choice.

          1. re: GCGuy

            I have got just the place for you...I promise.

            Fatfish in Bay Shore, not too far from the cemetery either, but go to the cemetery first. Most convenient that way.

            They have a great outdoor deck that's covered with a tent right on the great south bay. It's a great spot and pretty decent food too, mussels, clams, etc. But many other choices for non-fish eaters.

            I don't think it will disappoint. I'm not sure if they take a rez for 2, but here's the number: (631) 666-2899

      2. Since you'll be headed south after the cemetary, there are endless choices
        in Babylon, I'll link you to one thread, but you could google too.

        1. Here are several places very near the cemetery, and easy to find, on the main drag, Hwy. 110:
          1. Barolo, 1197 Walt Whitman Road... Italian, so nothing wildly unusual, but quite good food and a little upscale. That used to be the place for business lunches.
          2. Blackstone Steakhouse, 10 Pinelawn Road, is a pretty and rather new place. See the Newsday review:

          1. How are you planning to get to Shelter Island, via ferry from north fork, or from the south fork? That will determine where you should go. The 56th Fighter Group is kitchy with not such great food, to say the least. I'm not a big fan of Blackstone, but for lunch it might be nice. A business scene though. If you are going out to the north fork, there are a number of places in Hauppauge you can go to.