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Aug 29, 2007 12:37 PM

Seafood Restaurant (with oysters)- San Diego

Does anyone know of a good place (not too expensive, maybe around $20-25 pp) that has good seafood and oysters as well? there will be about 10-15 people in my party. I'm thinking anywhere in downtown, clairemont, mission, fashion area?

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  1. Either King's Fish House in mission valley or The Fish Market down by Seaport village should fit the bill. The price is about right and both can accomidate parties of your size. They both have a good selection of oysters, TFM usually 4-5 choices and KFH about 6. Though at the end of the summer they may be a bit more limited due to higher water temps. I eat at both but I just frequent the north county locations, I would assume that their food is oretty consistent from location to location.

    1. I have found the oysters at the Fish Market Downtown to be somewhat inconsistent and often are not cold enough. My favorite is Oceanaire Downtown. During Padres season they have a $30 3 course menu. Their portions are extremely large and can be shared. They also have an oyster happy hour from 5-6 M-F.

      1. i forgot to mention that this dinner will be for this saturday night.

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          Labor Day weekend. Call *any* place and see if they have an opening for that many. It is Wednesday night already...good God.

          1. re: Cathy

            That is sort of what I was thinking...
            But you never know--maybe people are thinking about BBQing instead?

            1. re: jturtle

              Tourists...lots of them...

              BBQ on Monday for me.

              Although if it is this hot, I am not cooking indoors on any day :)

        2. Oceanaire has the best selection (roughly 12-13 types) and quality. They have a $1 oyster happy hour and for those who aren't into oysters, the rest of the menu is really good. Their Oceanaire hash browns are very tasty and easily feeds 4-6 people.

          King's Fish House is ok for oysters. The rest of the menu is ok, edible but won't blow your mind.

          Be careful with which oysters you eat. There was a warning on oysters from the Pacific Northwest about 2 wks ago.

          1. if you are going for seafood, I third Oceanaire. For some reason most seafood restaurants in SD have pretty poor execution and high prices. Oceanaire is priced like most other seafood restaurants but have a great menu and great selection. The oyster bar is too small for your party but you can still get them at your table. You best call right away!