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Aug 29, 2007 12:37 PM

Lightening Foods - yuck!

I rarely get out for lunch but I happened to be out and about yesterday and stopped in at Lightening Foods. I hadn't eaten there in years but remembered it fondly as having really good, interesting sandwich combinations.

I got the Don Juan Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It was not good - bread was dry and funky, the fillings were unbalanced and the chicken was not spicy. A side salad came with the sandwich was terrible - lettuce, mushrooms & shredded carrots with some seriously NASTY fake Italian dressing thrown on top, it was completely inedible.

Maybe I mis-ordered and there are some tasty things on the menu, but I won't be in any hurry to go back and look.

FYI - I really hate it when places just pour the dressing on top of a few leaves instead of properly tossing and incorporating the dressing. They can do it in big bowls very easily but if they don't, then that means the customer has to either eat completely dry or completely soaked lettuce OR they have to try to toss the salad themselves in the tiny plate/container the salad is served. What a pain in the ass! Are these establishements lazy, stupid or not at all interested in providing the slightest bit of quality?

Lightening Foods
98 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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  1. Oh how depressing - I haven't been to Lightening in years, but I used to LOVE their Caesar salad. It is VERY garlicky, so some folks don't care for it. They do, however, mix it in a big bowl. I agree with you - I hate getting a salad with soaked portions and bone dry portions. I used to get stuff from their salad bar a lot too and always had good experiences. Sure hope you caught them on a bad day rather than on a steadily downward slide...

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      The Caesar is in my opinion still very good - I go to the Embarcadero location and have never been unhappy with it.

    2. Years ago when I worked on Spear a friend and I loved that Don Juan sandwich. The past few times I've had it it's been awful. That bread is terrible. Nice try, but I won't be burned again.