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Aug 29, 2007 12:24 PM

Bill Spoon (BBQ in Charlotte) dies

Bill Spoon, operator of Bill Spoon's BBQ on South Blvd in Charlotte died Friday, August 24. He was 78. I consider it an honor to be able to have called this man a friend, and a pleasure to have been able to eat his eastern NC style bbq on many an occasion. Bill exhibited qualities of trust, loyalty, and compassion to his fellowman that are rarely seen this day and time. While his grandchildren continue to run the restaurant, it will never be the same, although knowing their lineage, I'm sure they will continue to do well.

We lived in the Hickory area for over 15 years and were estatic when we found out there was an eastern NC bbq joint relatively close by, since both my wife and I are eastern NC natives. We began to regularly drive to Charlotte, sometimes 3 or 4 times a month to eat bbq. Soon, our trips became as much a social occasion to sit and talk with Bill, than a vinegar-based swine lovefest.

If you've ever had an opportunity to eat bbq from Bill Spoon's, the next time you sit down to eat bbq, remember Bill and thank God for him when you say the blessing.

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  1. Thank you, goodeats, for a succinct and eloquent tribute to Mr Spoon and his BBQ. My next trip to Charlotte I'll make it a point to stop in and remember him in exactly the manner you prescribe.

    1. our family is from eastern nc and we couldn't believe our good fortune at finding Bill Spoon's place. actually my dad discovered the place for us. y'all may have picked up on the boards here that for some reason, Charlotte as a city never really got cue right. Mr. Spoon did what he could to change that. His place is like an oasis in a barren land.

      Couple of quick memories - many people have seen this . . . . Mr. Spoon was very generous with change. he'd round in your favor a lot and he always was so friendly to people as they cashed out their bills. Another memory - he didn't know me well (my dad ate their several times a week but i only got over there on the occasional vacation day since for years he wasn't open on Saturdays - thankfully that has changed.). As I talked with Mr. Spoon after cashing out i told him how much my dad loved his place. Dad was going through cancer treatments then and wasn't able to travel around town like he had been doing. Mr. Spoon told me to "hold tight" and within a couple of minutes brought out a bag (actually a couple of pounds) of his great bbq for my dad. It was a wonderful gift. My dad lit up when i gave it to him later that day. Mr. Spoon had a way of making people happy. His family will continue to do the man very proud i am sure. This news is so sad.