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Aug 29, 2007 12:21 PM

Vancouver help?

Going to Vancouver this weekend and am planning on this lineup:

Kintaro Ramen


GUU For Garlic

Shanghai River Restaurant (Richmond) - specifically for xiaolongbaos

Sun Sui Wah Restaurant (Vancouver)

Ajisai Sushi Bar

I am a total food geek, former restaurant professional, so looking for food quality, don't really care about atmosphere. Used to live in NYC and would get on subway for 45 mins for amazing thai in dive location. So thats kind of places I am looking for.

How does this line up look? Anything I am missing or should change?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. VIj's is highly recommended. Get there early or be prepared to wait. Or go to Vij's Rangoli next door for simpler, more informal fare. I liked the duck salad at Guu with Garlic and the scene was nice. But I thought the tataki was only mediocre. You'd do better, although your wallet would suffer more, at Tojo's, where you should either sit at the sushi bar or order omakase.

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        Careful, you might get deported to the Western Canada board. I like your picks. I suggest Shiang Garden of Richmond for dim sum, perhaps over Sun Sui Wah in Vancouver. I had it a couple weeks back (based on a reccomendation from this board) and it was phenomenal.

        P.S. Was the long haul Thai destination Sripraphai (sp)? Never made it there when I was living in the NYC area, but wanted to. My wife's sister is moving to Q-Boro, so we'll check it out when we visit.

        1. re: equinoise

          These days I can't ever return to Seattle without having had a bowl of the lamb and (hand-cut) noodles in soup at Legendary Noodles on Main. House of Dosa on Kingsway is also a great stop--every arcane variety of dosa. As for Vij's, I've eaten there and at its lunchtime adjunct, and I have yet to figure out what all the fuss is about, especially at the price. Guu with Garlic, for both food and vibe, is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere--pork cheek, man! And you probably know this already, but don't come back without cheese-shopping at Les Amis du Fromage, betw Kitsilano and Granville Island; it's just two doors down from Barbara's Books to Cooks (they also have a Granville I. branch), which may not quite be up to the level of NYC's Kitchen Arts & Letters but is very good nonetheless. Have fun.

          1. re: equinoise

            Yeah - Sripraphai is totally worth it. Also suggest bringing wine with you.

        2. legendary opened up around the corner from my place on denman