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Aug 29, 2007 12:19 PM

Vancouver this weekend. Help!

Going to Vancouver this weekend and am planning on this lineup:

Kintaro Ramen


GUU For Garlic

Shanghai River Restaurant (Richmond) - specifically for xiaolongbaos

Sun Sui Wah Restaurant (Vancouver)

Ajisai Sushi Bar

I am a total food geek, former restaurant professional, so looking for food quality, don't really care about atmosphere. Used to live in NYC and would get on subway for 45 mins for amazing thai in dive location. So thats kind of places I am looking for.

How does this line up look? Anything I am missing or should change?

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  1. can i come with you? ;)

    how about omakase at Tojo's?

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      Went to Saltaire in West Van last week and am very enthused about my experience there- honestly I was not expecting great things as the view and atmosphere were way too nice, the food couldn't possible continue this lucky streak. Happily I was dead wrong- we ahred the best brie and pear pizza. I had the seafood stew (its an appaetizer, 12 $) and it was huge and one of the better cipappino type dish I have had. Really, really good and half the price of what I ahve had at the Cannery and the Fish House. Others with me had the roast chicken and a prawn dish- all were exceptional. Seriously- its been one of the best meals I have had in a long time so if you are able to venture out to west van and its not pouring, the view and the food are pretty darn good value.

    2. Just had dinner at Le Marrakech tonight (Morrocan place)
      The food ROCKED!
      The wine list I thought was odd (I'm in the wine biz) as it seemed like none of the wines would actually GO with the food! And NO bubble on the list! I'm a HUGE bubble fan...
      3 of us split 3 apps and then each had an entree
      Disclaimer: I can't and won't even try to spell the Morrocan names of these dishes I'll just describe what we had.

      Tomato and Cuke Salad
      Eggplant and spices puree type thing (think Babba Ganoush (sp))
      and a Roasted Pepper thing.
      Came in 3 smaller bowls on a segmented plate.
      Bread was extra.
      As I saw it as more of a Dip dish not really like salads as it was billed.
      Bread was in house made and good. The Eggplant puree thing was the best of the 3. I could eat it all day :)

      Beet and goat cheese salad - Good, well seasoned and the cheese was good.

      I know there is a name for this third thing and it was definitly different but I thought it was great! It was Chicken and almonds and dried fruit and stuff in Brique dough dusted with powdered suger. A friend who was also dining that eve with a diff party said she didn't like it but it was damn good! Chicken was tender and the dough was perfect! YUM!

      OK Entrees
      I got the Casserole (something in a different language)
      It was a spicy, saffron infused seafood soup (kinda like Bouillabaisse) with a spicy (again spelling) Merguize sausage. It was very good except that the lingcod bit was aTOUCH over cooked. The broth was awesome though.

      My gf had the Braised short ribs
      Again something in Morrocan that I can't spell let alone pronounce :)
      Tender as all hell on top of really good Couscous and came with a carmelized onion and golden raisin "thing" (I'm sure there's a word in Morrocan for it) on the side. Not sure why it was on the side but whatever. Huge portion though, she couldn't finish it (Could have been the 3 apps we shared LOL).

      3rd person (happened to be my boss) Had the Mussels and Merguize sausage and Couscous. The Mussels were perfectly cooked and really tender. YUM.

      The only downer was the dessert, again NO idea what it was called but it turned out to be a green muffin that looked and tasted stale topped with Chantilly cream (the only good part) with three dots of what was supposed to be coulis and tasted like Jam next to it and then there was this ....thing.. that looked like snot but was filled with V dark chocolate and just tasted weird... Apparently the muffin type thing was supposed to be pistachio, could have fooled me!

      Oh and Drinks! Again the wine list was kind of a joke (it's my mission to fix that, seeing as I sell wine and whatnot) but to start we had a Morrocan Mint Mojito, OMG!
      Mint (obviously) limes, green and red apple, apple licquer, and rum. Really damn tasty!
      I def recommend one of those to start off the evening right!

      OK that's my 2 cents (wipes hand across brow)

      Definitly recommend, just try a different dessert or go somewhere else for dessert :)

      1. VijĀ“s and Sun Sui Wah definetly.......cannot vouch for the others as i havent been. I would add Hapa Izakaya, Octopus garden for the best sushi (blue fin chu and o-toro, kobe beef etc...., for more reasonably priced sushi and super fresh try toshi, and my personal favorite restaurant Phnom Phen (if your looking for hole in the wall gems this is it) youll see Anthony Bourdains signature on a menu at the front........try the butter beef and fried squid..................

        1. For a good array of "hawker stall" Asian eats, go to the Richmond Public Market's second floor food court. It's a short walk from Shanghai River, but save an appetite; there's lots to try, including a great lamb soup with hand-pulled noodles and Singapore chili crab, if things haven't changed since I was last there. The "Beijing-Shanghai Delicacies" stall serves pretty good xiaolong bao, too.