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Aug 29, 2007 12:02 PM

Vegan in France??

I am a vegan and I am about to take a trip to Switzerland, France, and Italy. Am I crazy for even trying to find things to eat in France and Switzerland? Does anyone have any recommendations for certain dishes to look for that may be vegan friendly aside from pasta with tomato sauce and pizza without cheese? Thanks!

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  1. Have you taken a look at some of the threads here? There's considerable discussion on this type of topic.

    Needless to say, there are vegans who live in all three countries, so clearly there are places where you will find good food to eat that fits in with your lifestyle.

    1. i haven't looked at the old threads. i can imagine restaurants being tough, though. you never know when a seemingly vegan dish will get some last minute butter or creme fraiche.

      of course, if you're going to take on the preparation yourself, you can get absolutely fabulous produce, herbs, spices, bread and wine.

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        If you will be in Paris this is a great little veggie place. Lots of vegan options. Also Maoz Falafel is a good place in Paris for a quick lunch.
        Le Potager du Marais
        22 rue Rambuteau
        75004 Paris
        Telephone: 01 42 74 24 66
        Metro: Rambuteau

      2. Thank you. I will look at the other posts and see what I can find. Also, thanks for the recommendation in Paris!