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Aug 29, 2007 12:01 PM

Union Square Recommendations [moved from Site Talk]

I need to find a place to eat tonight in Manhattan's Union Square that's not too expensive (maybe $10-15 for a main dish). Any recommendations?

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  1. Friend of a Farmer, Republic, Havana Central, Mandler's

    1. try the coffee shop! its fantastic!

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      1. re: kcijones001

        What dishes do you like at Coffee Shop? I have always found the food to be sub par but perhaps I am ordering wrong.

        1. re: Nikki NYC

          It's more of a lunch, brunch place. Outdoor seating is nice. Sometimes there is live music. IMO, food is fresh (not fantastic) and good. I generally order egg or salad dishes.

        1. Otto--well, it's pretty close
          Old Town for pub food

          1. Chat and Chew, just off the square on E. 16th street is dependable and in your price range. Give them a call first, however, someone mentioned they might be closed for renovations.