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Looking for a good smoothie in downtown DC

Any thoughts about fruit smoothies? I've tried the places in the National Press food court and the Reagan Building. They're OK. Caribou makes a few decent ones.

But are there any downtown that will knock socks off? Thanks.

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  1. What about a smoothie would knock your socks off? Just today I had my first smoothie ever thanks to a half price coupon for Robek's. It was OK but I'd just as soon have frozen yogurt or good ice cream. I guess they're supposed to be healthy?

    What should I look for in a smoothie? If I find it, I'll tell you.

    1. i'm not a smoothie connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination and i actually i prefer fresh fruit juices to smoothies, but the Juice Joint on Vermont might be a good choice. I've had a smoothie there once and it was good. I love their fresh juices!


      1. Don't know if this counts as downtown, but Java Green makes fantastic smoothies.


        1020 19th St. NW

        1. I am also not a smoothy expert but I really like the several flavors I have tried at Juice Joint on Vermont Ave between K and L Streets. And judging by the lines out the door during lunch hours, others agree.

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            Thanks all. I'm looking for something with a lot of great fruit and few syrup shortcuts. I'll give some of these recs a try this week.

          2. I like the smoothies at Camille's on F between 6th and 7th. (Their tuna salad sandwich or wrap is great too--with apples in it. Yum.)

            1. There's a place on Connecticut just north of K Street next to CVS (sorry, don't remember the name) that does a very good smoothie, much cheaper than Robek's.

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                Juice Joint left a good first impression. The Mango smoothie I ordered was a touch heavy on the orange juice and not quite mango-y enough, but it's hard to get consistent mangoes here. Nice place. Thanks. I'll check out more next week.

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                  I always went to Robeks in CA and missed it when I moved to DC. They finally have them here and it's what I consider a good smoothie. They are 100% fruit and juice, so they don't use syrups, they juice their own oranges, and you get one free vitamin boost. There are a couple locations now in DC - right by the Whole Foods at the AU-Tenleytown metro, and one near the Farragut North metro.

                  If you see a Smoothie King they're good too.

                  As a general comment, I think there are always subtle differences in the taste of the same smoothie, if you want one made only with real fruit. It'd be hard to make it taste exactly the same, every time, without adding sugar or using a mix.

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                    Not DC, but there's a Smoothie King on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, across from the Ballston mall.