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Any quick lunch spots? Thanks in advance!!!!

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  1. Sagami in Irvine. Great Japanease food. Very quick too. Corner of Barranca and Culver in Target Shopping Center. I believe it's next to Subway.

    1. Corner Bakery at Harvard/Main - but only if you call ahead to order and then just pick it up

      same with Panera Bread at Jamboree/Barranca - call ahead

      1. Pei Wei, two locations Tustin and irvine, Corner Bakery la papuseria in Irvine

          1. You can go to the new Whole foods market in tustin. They have lot's of selection, from pizza to salad,soup,smoked meat,fish,grill and lot's more. The only problem is the parking.

            1. California Fish Grill in the Target plaza on Barranca. There's a number of choices in the University Center, my favorite being the Veggie Grill (yes, it's vegetarian but very good). I also noticed that there's quite a variety of food to go inside of Wholesome Choice on Culver and Michelson