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65th birthday dinner

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a great 65th dinner for my parents. They haven't been to the City in a while. Very adventurous diners, not necessarily looking for froufrou environment, just something memorable. They've been to Aqua, Gary Danko. I was thinking of Boulevard, but see so many mixed postings...they already have plans for the Slanted Door, Incanto, and brunch at Foreign Cinema.
They know the City well, since I lived in San Francisco for a dozen years...
What do you recommend?

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      1. re: dinnerout

        Thanks. I've heard only good about Ame.

      2. I highly recommend Acquerello. It is truly a jewel. You feel like you are in Venice. Very sophisticated and upscale Italian food. Don't be turned off by the location as it is off of Polk. Also love Quince.