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Aug 29, 2007 11:45 AM

ISO Fabulous Brunch in DC Metro Area

My friend is coming to visit from out of town this Labor Day weekend and I want to take her to a good brunch Saturday and Sunday. A Brunch buffet would be good too. Anywhere in the DC Metro Area. Any recommendations?

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  1. Hmmm I haven't been to the brunch at Charlie Palmer, but if I got to pick my next brunch spot that would be it. Perhaps someone has been?

    Bistro Bis does a great brunch, but not buffet.

    Tallula in NOVA does a very good brunch too.

    Georgia Brown's does a Southern buffet and a meal and you will probably have to take the meal home it is sooooo much good food.

    Those are my thoughts... for now.

    1. Sunday brunch at the Mayflower is exquisite....but it is very pricey.

      1. The best brunch buffet I know of is Georgia Browns. Eat the buffet for brunch (pay special attention to the delicious grits) and then take the main course (yes both come with the package) home for dinner or lunch the next day.

        My favorite brunch spot in town is Bistro Bis. They have a $30 3-course brunch and the food is great.

        I also like the Tabard Inn---especially if you make a reservation and request the back court yard area. Great environment and pretty good food.

        Perry's in Adams Morgan has a really fun drag queen brunch. Not sure if it's buffet or not..check out their website. I think reservations might be needed for that.

        And Creme on U Street has a very popular brunch. Has a Southern twist to it.

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          My friend is southern so I'm sure she'd love Georgia Brown's so I just called and unfortunately their brunch is already full. Has anyone heard of Ms. K's in Silver Spring?

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            I'm a native Washingtonian -- old enough to remember when the earth's crust was cooling -- and Mrs. K's Toll House already had been in existence for a long time when I was born.

            I looked at their web site, and the dinner menu certainly reads like a contemporary menu. Brunch is more traditional. However, I suggest you also read the restaurant's own description to decide whether you want to dine among the collections of Lutz glass, Blue Plate china, and Christmas ornaments.