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Aug 29, 2007 11:30 AM

New Restaurant - Vivas - Belmar

Hi Everyone
- I heard that Will Vivas -(former chef of Bistro Ole in Asbury Park) has opened up his own restaurant in Belmar in the old A&P shopping center...I believe the name of the establishment is Vivas and looks like it is about to open....they have been working on it forever!!! Anybody heard anything else about it? I am really really looking forward to this..I feel that Ole has gotten a little bland since he left the kitchen!!!

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  1. A&P?? Do you mean the old Acme shopping center perhaps?

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      I was thinking the same thing, must be Acme...

      Any idea what kind of food "Vivas" will be serving?

      On a side not I took my girlfriend to OLE about a month ago, her "super rare sushi grade Tuna" was cooked so much it looked like it came out of a Chicken Of The Sea can. I had a seafood Mariscada (I beleive that was the name) dish that the server warned was a bit spicy and very popular. I have to say it was so bland I only ate about half, and no spice to it at all. Our appetizer was great but it left us hanging. We were very disappointed.

    2. It is open, I ate there last Friday and had a very good meal. It is in the old Acme Plaza at the 8th avenue end (it was Reggio's & then Big Joe's).

      Food is similar to what Ole offers in that it is labeled Spanish & Portuguese, but has a bit more South American flair. IMO the tables are spaced better than Ole.

      Can't remember what everyone had, but I had Guava Glazed Hanger Steak with blue cheese potato salad, and pork stuffed with manchengo (sp?)

      I know my wife enjoyed her food, shrimp app and filet mignon but don't recall prep on either.

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        In todays APP there was an ad the rec. It is an Italian rec.

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          Babs16 I am confused..they say it is Italian...i was under the impressiont hat it was as PJS said latin fusion...

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