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Aug 29, 2007 11:27 AM

Best Butchers? (Williamsburg, or E. Village)

Hey all,

I'm looking for a local butcher--anyone have any butchers that they could recommend in the area? I could definitely travel easily to the E. Village or anywhere on the L too.


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  1. As far as the burg goes, I live off the Graham ave and there are three butcher shops near by. Model T's which i used to frequent, but their pork tenderloins(which I use a lot) comes prepackaged and the owner is a jerk, if I am spending money in your shop you should treat me with at least a little respect. But I digress, down the street is Jerry's pork store which I whole heartily think is the best in the nab, and across the street from Jerry's is Graham ave meats which is OK, but some of the prices are very high. If you want pork Jerry's is great, and to top it off, Jerry is very nice and will do his best to accomidate your needs. He also sells many italian imported products.

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      Sorry for the delayed response, but this is great. Thanks for the info.

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        Zollo's on Metro Between Manhattan ave and Lenoard . Brother on Graham Ave . In a real pinch C-town on Graham ave. Rumor has it C-Town will be selling organic meats soon. I see alot of people asking for it there .

    2. check out dines farms at the greenmarket in mccarren park on saturdays. but get there very early (10 or earlier) to get meat. they sell out pretty quick. around 12, you;ll only get rabbitt or bacon.

      1. If you're checking out Dines Farms in McCarren, you also might try the Polish butchers in Greenpoint. Look for the word Kiszka on the awning.

        Specifically, W-Nassau on Manhattan and Greenpoint Ave, and Steve's on Nassau.

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          I definitely will! Thanks! I have all week off next week, so tomorrow begins a week of heavy cooking and experimentation. I'm particularly excited to try a new pork belly recipe! I think a Polish butcher will be just the place to pick up some!

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            sikorski on manhattan is also good. it's at the mcarren end of the street. w-nassau is one of the heavyweights of the local scene, but it is an absolute madhouse any time after about 4pm and all day on weekends. polam, a bit further down manhattan on the other side of the street, is another very popular, high quality spot. service seems to be a bit friendlier than at w-nassau (where my rudimentary polish has been met with derision) though it gets just as hectic. we've also found mazur, which is across the street from w-nassau, to be a good option. their raw, unsmoked kielbasa is the best we've had so far.

        2. One option in a pinch is the (cryovacked but all natural NY raised etc. ) beef from under the counter (in the front) at Marlowe. Also the Cheese Shop has the same deal but it Cheese Shop (luxury condo) prices.