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The end of civilization is upon us ... Domino's Makes Oreo Cookie Pizza.

Has anyone actually tried this new dessert pizza from Domino's?

It's supposed to be Oreo cookies and vanilla sauce on top of a pizza crust.

Picture below.

I can't imagine this being any good, but am open-minded ...

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  1. Considering how bad their regular pizza is, I think I'll stick to Oreo ice cream.

      1. I bet they heat it up real hot, too..

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        1. weak. holding out for the double-stuffed snickers pizza with mentos.
          free diet coke.

          1. I might just lose my Chowhound credentials, but at 9 months pregnant, that looks gooood.

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              LOL I remember when they came out with those brownies and dipping sauce. I was 7 months pregnant and thought I might crave them. I never did though.

              1. re: SweetPea914

                I broke down once while pregnant and ordered the pizza+brownie dippers special.


            2. I saw the ad for it on tv last night and i know I would not like it,not appealing to me in the least.

              1. My 5 year old even thinks it looked gross when he saw the commercial for it.

                1. It's hard to imagine that this could possibly appeal to anyone who isnt either incredibly high, 8 1/2 monthes pregnant, 6 years old, or brain damaged. And the commercials are (while not as annoying as Jimmy John's) some of the worst ever. Someone got PAID for that!

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                    I'm none of the above, but it's probably not all that bad.

                  2. The crust is turning me off. If it was some kind of cookie or graham cracker crust, it might seem more appealing. If it tastes like a standard pizza crust, then blech.

                    1. You guys are missing the target market -- college students and youtes everywhere who for some "unknown reason" have the uncontrollable munchies. That's the only explanation why anyone would attempt to eat that. Also, given the proper pre-munch intake...it could have the dual effect of preventing nausea. I'm sure Dominoes did research.

                      1. The thing is NASTY. The broken Oreos are stale 'fresh' from the package, and the crust is like a thin pizza crust. Actually I can't really say nasty, except for the texture, because taste? It's totally bland.

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                        1. So it's a big slice of bread, covered in crushed cookies, and sugar sauce? Does it come with two free syringes of insulin or do they just amputate a toe when you pick it up/have it delivered?

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                            Just laughed aloud while reading this solo at a table in Starbucks. I am certain all other patrons now think I'm crazy, but that's funny stuff.

                            1. re: ArikaDawn

                              Just had indigestion aloud while thinking about this, "festival of carbohydrates," solo at my desk at work. I am certain that my fellow employees think I'm lactose intolerant, but that's runny stuff. ;)

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                                This was my first thought. How many calories and how much sugar in a "Slice" of that thing.


                          2. Why couldn't they just give you a free pack of oreos with your order?! Milk and cookies is delicious, but I couldn't imagine eating an 'oreo pizza' if you paid me! (but then I don't much like Dominos in general...)

                            1. I started reading this thread when it first started, and finally last night I saw the commercial for it. Gross city! The closeups of the oreos with the mysterious white sauce all over really made me glad I'm not 12 anymore.
                              Of course, it could be really tasty (though I doubt it). Has anyone tried it besides Summeranne, and come away with a different opinion?

                              1. Here's a first-hand account of the Oreo Cookie Pizza experience.


                                And, apparently, you can't order unless you first order a regular pizza. How devilish.

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                                1. re: ipsedixit

                                  That's a great video. That pizza looks nasty!!! The tasters crack me up - they look like Gary Vaynerchuk reviewing a horrible-tasting oak monster wine.

                                  1. re: ipsedixit

                                    LOL that looked nothing like the picture...ew. How much do you think Oreo paid Domino's to carry this ...thing?

                                    1. re: krez

                                      After a few people have tasted it, I think they'll be paying Dominos to take their name off it again so it doesn't damage their reputation! Actual oreos are nice, but that thing looks disgusting!

                                    2. re: ipsedixit

                                      Great link, thanks

                                      This pizza looks nothing like what they're advertising. It really looks gross.
                                      I'm an Oreo lover and thought that the advertised pizza looked at least palatable but his thing just looks nasty.

                                      Why couldn't they make the crust out of Oreo cookie crumbs??


                                      1. re: Davwud

                                        "Why couldn't they make the crust out of Oreo cookie crumbs??"

                                        Now, that would be funny. An Oreo cookie topped with ... more Oreo cookie!

                                        Just typing that makes my teeth hurt.

                                    3. Not only does that "thing" look gross but as others have mentioned the commercial is disgusting AND stupid. I actually change the station as soon as I see it because it's so gross.