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Dallas for one night -- where to eat?!?!


I will traveling to Dallas from NYC for one night in a few weeks and I am looking for some recommendations for dinner, but would welcome breakfast/lunch suggestions as well. Price is not an issue; I just want a great meal/meals. Prefer something uniquely Texan -- i.e., steakhouse, bbq joint, or tex-mex -- welcome any all suggestions. Thanks so much in advance.

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  1. Busy at work (not so busy that i am not glancing at chowhound) so I will give you a few names, but, purposely exclude any description.

    York Street
    Tei Tei
    Stephen Pyles

      1. Bob's for steak.
        Cafe San Miguel for Mexican.
        Alo for Mexican/Peruvian.
        Cuquita's for Mexican
        Sammy's for BBQ

        See previous threads here for descriptions.

          1. Fearings or Stephen Pyles. Both are upscale and would require a reservation.
            For casual, I recommend Cafe San Miguel or Avila's.

            1. Stephen Pyles for dinner....La Duni for lunch

              1. Pappas Brothers steak. My husband swears its the best.
                Javiers is overrated.

                1. Would highly recommend Bob's on Lemmon for steak - a true Texas classic steak house. There is a reason Texas is beef country. Recommend a reservation for Bob's. For Mexican, would recommend Vera Cruz Cafe in the Bishop Arts District - the best mole I've had outside of Mexico (also recently listed as 1 of the best 100 American restaurants by Gourmet mag). No reservation required. Lola's is great, but not especially "Texan" and Stephan Pyles is good but over-rated - you've had similar fare (and better done) in NYC.

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                    If you are going to do steak, then I second the recommendation for Bob's. However, I would not waste your only dinner on a steakhouse. You have access to some very good steakhouses in NYC and I don't necessarily think most of the upscale steakhouses in Dallas would give you the uniquely Texas experience you want.

                    I respectfully disagree with kateu's opinion on Stephan Pyles. I have not found an abundance of Southwestern cuisine in NYC except for the food of Bobby Flay. And, IMO, Stephan Pyles puts Mesa Grill to shame.

                    Hungry Esquire, I suggest you serach the Texas board for Stephan Pyles and Fearings then make your decision based on some of the more detailed posts that are specific to each restaurant.

                  2. We visited my wife's family in San Antonio and spent two nights in Dallas. In Dallas one night, we ate at El Fenix on the edge of downtown. It's a big place with plenty of free parking and had good Mexican food.