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Aug 29, 2007 11:02 AM

LA chowhound seeks multitude of tastes

I will be in Chicago for a conference for 5 days. I've been there once before and enjoyed all the food. I can't remember the name of a single place I went last time, but I did have a memorable meal at a restaurant that specialized in game dishes in the middle of the park. Anyway, my husband and I are both relatively adventurous eaters and would like to try everything from very casual pub food to steakhouse to high-end restaurant. I would love one of the choices to be a seafood place that's casual but with really good fresh fish and possibly an oyster bar. We're staying at the Tremont Hotel right off Michigan Ave, so places not too far away would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    1. The restaurant in the park was North Pond. Still very good and great atmosphere.
      Casual seafood is Shaw's Oyster Bar (it's the "other" side of the Shaw's white table cloth resaurant). High-top tables and totally jeans and t-shirt if you want.

      1. For very good casual or upscale pub food try;

        Bijan on State street; Great late night atmosphere and top notch food til 3 am.
        Jake Melnick's on Huron for great skirt steak, burgers, wings, sports, etc.
        Hopleaf in Andersonville is mandatory. Great atmosphere, Belgian beer and upscale Belgian bar food, and great neighborhood.
        Charlie's Ale House in Andersonville on Clark Street for great bar food, great atmosphere and neighborhood.
        Resi's Bier Stube on Irving Park Road for great German eats in an authentic German bar or beer garden.
        Mirabel on Addison near the Kennedy for a charming German Bar and German food.
        Luxe Bar for great upscale bar food, great people watching, great scene.
        Gibson's Bar at Bellview and Rush for some of the best bar food in town. Great people watching as well.
        Dublins for great bar food from lunchtime to late night.
        Blue Agave for pretty good margaritas and a few decent dishes (the orginal location in west Lakeview is much better foodwise; named Fernando's). Late night kitchen.