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Aug 29, 2007 10:40 AM

Sudachi on Sutter?

Anyone been?
maybe too much of a forced scene?

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  1. The traditional sushi, specialty rolls, and sake selection look pretty good but the fusion tapas ("lamb lollipops: pickled red onion salad / mint edamame pesto / miso potatoes") and DJ calendar don't seem like a great fit.

    1217 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      i'm unclear by your comment whether you have been, or are just reviewing the website menu? i too am curious about this place.

      1. re: artemis

        By "look pretty good" I meant the online menu. If I'd eaten there I'd say what I had.

    2. Ay yay yay awful!
      Walked in and seemed nice and cleanly designed. Nice greeting from the host. Music not too loud. Lots of happy hour drinks. Promising.
      2$ draft Kirin, etc. Also had happy hr snacks. They have four menus, which was rough. One was specials for that day, one was happy hour menu, one was wine and one was regular food/two sides.
      Ordered some edamame and a soju special drink & Kirin. And a plate of fluke sampler.
      Food came out before the drinks. Waitress said that there was no draft beer but would get us sapporo bottles for 2$. Works for me. Drink was great, cucumber and some mint, refreshing. Drinks are where the luck ran out.

      The edamame were soggy and mushy and had an awful pecan salt on them. I was very confused. The were squirted with lime too, ew.

      Fluke plate started ok. I cant remember the first fluke(inada?) but the cut was really too large for me. I love healthy portions of sahimi but certain fish seem to lend themselves to smaller cuts. These were blocks. then it was kanpachi in the middle-really nice. Then the hamachi. It was not the freshest, unfortunately. I didn't eat all mine & I love hamachi.

      Well. My friend wanted more food. I was dubious. The waitress was really pushy and over explained everything even though we were obviously sushi eaters. Boy pal wanted the Kobe(nee Wagyu) I like wagyu. I wish that restos would just call it that rather than Kobe. So we ordered that and some seared scallops as recommended by pushy waitress. Funnily enough for all her info and food pushing, the service was painfully slow.

      I thought the descriptions looked lame and I was sadly correct. But I wasn't buying and friend was still hungry.The description of the Wagyu said Pineapple relish, red wine demi and, oh, and how about a thai basil leaf? Sure, great. When it came out it was soooo fussy and overworked. It reminded me of bad top chef presentation. It even got scarier, it had a wee nest of deep fried beet on it. But the beet pieces were like little crusty hairs of saffron. gross. Beef was good after you picked everything off of it. It was a silly amateurish dish.

      The scallops were described as, I think, shiitake, carrot puree, chive oil, seared and applewood bacon. Again this was ridiculously over worked. They tasted like Trader Joes frozen Japanese Sea scallops. Boo. The carrot confused me. Why was it there? Yucky.

      The waitress came back and asked us if we wanted anything/what we liked. I said I was done, then she showed me another fluke dish and went on to start describing other dishes we might like. I said it was too fusion for me & we asked for just the check. Price was on the high end for 3 dishes and edamame-over 60. 3 drinks were like 9 bucks so good deal.

      I do not recommend the food. For drinks, it might be a nice stop.