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Aug 29, 2007 10:38 AM

Best Delivered Food Gifts?

Hi everyone!
I live in Los Angeles, which means most of the people I know eventually move out somewhere else, to some other state.
I need to send a lot of "congrats on the move" and "thinking of you" gifts. Flowers are always nice, but I think people generally prefer to get food (at least, I do)...
I would love recommendations on the best foods and delivery places. I'm looking for things that are a little more unusual/interesting than a standard basket of fruit from Harry and Davids. And if I'm sending candies or cookies, I'd like them to be unique and as fresh as the mail process will allow.
What I don't want to send is processed cheese, beef jerkey meats, boxes of bland crackers, etc.
Any help is Greatly appreciated!

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  1. After I moved from the LA area, my sister sent me the occasional care package from Trader Joe's. It was a joy to open a box stuffed with their trail mixes, dried fruits, chocolates, etc.

    1. My husband and son have both used Cheryl & Co. for cookies as gifts. They are quite delicious and the freshness with which they arrive is impressive. We've actually ordered some of their "seasonal" goodies for business entertaining at football & hockey games and golf matches.

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        IMO Cherly's cookies is like getting Starbucks for Coffee, it's good but not the best.These guys have killer fudge

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          Wow, the da-kines sections looks really great. I might have to send myself a gift first... try it out...

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            For several years Big Island Candies was our gift of choice to send people over the holidays. We always got positive feedback.
            Someone once sent me a case of Hubig's fried pies. They were good...very good heated up with some ice cream on top.

          2. Penn Street Bakery ( out of Western Michigan sends out wonderful, moist pound cakes in tins for a reasonable cost. Everyone likes them and they stay fresh in the fridge. You might want to check them out!

            1. Fabulous and fresh and beautiful too.