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Best Delivered Food Gifts?

Hi everyone!
I live in Los Angeles, which means most of the people I know eventually move out somewhere else, to some other state.
I need to send a lot of "congrats on the move" and "thinking of you" gifts. Flowers are always nice, but I think people generally prefer to get food (at least, I do)...
I would love recommendations on the best foods and delivery places. I'm looking for things that are a little more unusual/interesting than a standard basket of fruit from Harry and Davids. And if I'm sending candies or cookies, I'd like them to be unique and as fresh as the mail process will allow.
What I don't want to send is processed cheese, beef jerkey meats, boxes of bland crackers, etc.
Any help is Greatly appreciated!

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  1. After I moved from the LA area, my sister sent me the occasional care package from Trader Joe's. It was a joy to open a box stuffed with their trail mixes, dried fruits, chocolates, etc.

    1. My husband and son have both used Cheryl & Co. for cookies as gifts. They are quite delicious and the freshness with which they arrive is impressive. We've actually ordered some of their "seasonal" goodies for business entertaining at football & hockey games and golf matches.

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          Wow, the da-kines sections looks really great. I might have to send myself a gift first... to...um... try it out...

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            For several years Big Island Candies was our gift of choice to send people over the holidays. We always got positive feedback.
            Someone once sent me a case of Hubig's fried pies. They were good...very good heated up with some ice cream on top.

          2. Penn Street Bakery (www.pennstreet.com) out of Western Michigan sends out wonderful, moist pound cakes in tins for a reasonable cost. Everyone likes them and they stay fresh in the fridge. You might want to check them out!

            1. www.divinedelights.com Fabulous and fresh and beautiful too.

              1. Adorable housewarming cookies when you don't need to send a whole lot

                Elenis Cookies. com Click on gift tins and then everyday...

                1. Have used this company many times...everything is fresh and delicious...

                  1. Check out rossipasta.com - unique pastas/sauces/gift sets

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                      Just the packaging for Rossi's makes it fun to get. The text is a hoot.

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                        I just took a look at this site, looks like Ill be ordering myself a gift. Their pastas look great- are they as good as they sound?

                      2. See's candies!! We live in the Midwest and you can't get them here. Whenever someone we know travels to the West coast, we ask for a box.

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                          Aplets & Cotlets and stuff from Liberty Orchards (www.libertyorchards.com). Another west coast goodie you can't get in the midwest.

                        2. For my mom's birthday, I sent her a box of smoked salmon, herring, cream cheese, bagels and halvah from Russ & Daughters. I visited the shop and had an extremely pleasant experience dealing with them--would simply call in the future to have them put something together. They have pre-assembled gift baskets on their website, but what I did (and would recommend) is customizing your own. The shipping (dry ice) costs a lot--$30-45--but it's an usual gift.

                          Russ & Daughters
                          179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

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                            I just received a box from Russ & Daughters this morning. 4 varieties of smoked salmon - have tasted two which were delicious in every way. From a recipients standpoint (who lives in area not known for delis, bagels, lox or any other goodie of that sort) it was a perfect gift! I am certain I'll be using this company to send gifts to others.

                            Only odd thing was there was no notation of who it was from. Fortunately BF had been given a heads-up to be sure we would be in town, so mystery was solved.

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                              Just curious meatn3.....Which smoked salmon did you have that you loved? Last time I ordered from them, they forgot to include the Gaspa Nova in my shipment that I had mailed and when I realized that it hadn't been included, it was kinda of late to send since the bagels and bialeys were almost gone by then. Thinking of sending another care package over the holidays now and definately want to include some varieties of their smoked salmon so what do you suggest???? Their whitefish and smoked salmon salad sounds delish too! Wish I could go there in person to place my order...but for now I'm grateful for mailorder. TIA for your help!

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                                Looking at their site it seems I received the "From Pushcart to Posh" with some chopped liver and a smoked whitefish spread (I think) added. The gaspe was very nice - delicate flavor, melts in your mouth. BF perfered the Scottish, which was a nice balance of smoke & salmon. Sable very, very good. Going to try the Sturgeon once I finish this post! Smoked goodies aside, while I am not a rugelach expert, theirs is the best I've ever had! And the pecans are amazingly fresh. This all comes with the added amusement of watching three cats try every trick they know of to convince us to share.
                                Oh, my BF sister (lives near the shop & sent this gift) says once in awhile they have wild smoked salmon that is fantastic, but not on the website.
                                Edit: Sturgeon very nice, not as rich as sable & has a firmer texture. We've decided we are gifting ourselves with this in the future!

                          2. Here's my thoughts: if the person left an area that had things they love and miss and pershaps cannot get/find in the new place then I would send something from where they left (LA in your situation). Aside from that, I would check out the area they've moved to and find something local which would help them discover their new surrounds. .

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                              Agreed! I would love to pieces anyone who sent me a tub of Zankou garlic sauce now and then, or a canister of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf vanilla powder. Not to be mixed, of course!

                            2. You could send me anything from here any day.
                              The dried fruit is amazing as are the cherries, in season

                              And anything from here will get used:

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                                Your killing my wallet by putting up these sites- this stuff looks so ridiculously good. Im going to have to order from both.

                                Want to remind all also not to forget the trusted Beers of the Month club. Those have always been my favorite idea to receive as a gift.

                              2. My favorite source for shipping edible gifts:

                                Penzey's Spices are simply superb. Just browsing the website gets my mouth watering.(www.penzeys.com) I have given several loved ones the four-jar International Salt Free collection.

                                  1. i love to send the pumpkin bread and candies from the monastery of the angels in los angeles.

                                    i also like the vermont country store as a source for breakfast baskets.

                                    another way to go would be to find a local nice restaurant and buy a gift certificate for a "night on the new town."

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                                      Unique cookies and sweets....Traverse Bay Confections in Seattle. Lots of apple flavored and peppermint, etc. They ship a great basket.

                                    2. www.lobstergram.com has some delicious...wait for it...lobstser! And steaks and stuff too. We got one for my roommate's birthday from his parents.

                                      1. When my husband and I moved out of the Chicago area, his dad sent us two frozen Chicago-style pizzas and a frozen apple pie from Lou Malnati's (you can order them from their website). We loved them because we are Chicago natives, but I think most people would enjoy that!

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                                            Artisanal cheese http://www.artisanalcheese.com/ out of NYC is nice, when looking for something special. A bit smelly, but so good.

                                            1. I second the Zingerman's suggestion! I also think sending tea or tea products is a good idea. I really like Adagio Teas (http://www.adagio.com/) They have six month gift tea subscriptions and a whole bunch of stuff.

                                              1. GRATEFULPALATE.COM
                                                The greatest thing since sliced bread...they have the BACON OF THE MONTH CLUB along with all kinds of other amazing goodies. Syrups, jellies, Wine of the Month, all other bacon related obljects that you can imagine. A friend got me the most beautiful Jarrah WOod AStirrer...one of my favorite gifts.

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                                                  Bacon of the month? Why didn't I think of that one, after all you could put bacon on anything and most would eat it. I may have to get one for myself!

                                                  1. re: angelo04

                                                    I got hooked on it 4 years ago when one of my clients who is aware of my "Bacon Problem" got me the Bacon of the Month club for xmas.
                                                    GOLLY, I LOVE IT! I've received it 2 more times and have passed the gift on to several friends over the years who have also given it for xmas, birthdays, and fathers's day...it's become a big joke in my circle of friends that it's like a culinary chain letter.
                                                    I just saw that they have some pork rinds that I can't wait to order.
                                                    YIPPE for Bacon!

                                                  1. Not LA at all, but on the East Coat the Blue Crab Bay Co. has some great products and very pretty gifts baskets. Their bloody mary mix is great, as well as, their crab house crunch (peanut brittle with an old bay like spice sounds odd but very good), clam dip kit and etc. I have sent these to a lot of people who have always really enjoyed them.

                                                    1. The absolute best thing we have ever gotten from Mail Order is the Smoked Turkey from Grenberg's in Texas. We now get them every year and send them to family as gifts at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

                                                      1. Recently became obsessed with sending Jeni's Ice Cream Sandwiches. Fun Idea and random


                                                        1. Lou Malnatis frozen chicago pizza is fun to receive.


                                                          Salami is fun too. I did the year lf the pig through cremellini.