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Aug 29, 2007 10:37 AM

Best coffeeshop in Richmond

Would appreciate your advice on the best place for a coffee, cappucino and or latte in Richmond (excluding Starbucks please).

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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  1. Are you looking for coffee, or a good crowd, or a particular location? I am a regular at Colony Coffee in Midlothian near Brandermill and they have very good coffee and a terrific staff.

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      Thanks for your response.

      I am looking for great coffee and location. I live off of River Road and when I am in the country go to my office on Broad St & Hamilton. Therefore the Brandermill area would be out of the question. I am basically looking for a place on the way to the office in the morning & occasionally Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    2. The thing that would be most on your way is Grove Avenue Coffee and Tea Co on the Corner of Grove & Libbie. I think I went once or twice a couple years ago. I don't remember it being particularly good or bad, but it might be worth a shot.

      If you want to go a little out of your way, you could venture into Carytown in the mornings. Again, it's been a couple years since I've lived in Richmond, but Betsy's was my favorite for morning and weekend coffees since the pastries (scones especially) were wonderful. Rostov's, though, is by far the best roaster in Richmond. If you're not opposed to flavored coffees (as least nothing overly sweet or chocolatey), their seville orange coffee is heavenly.

      Also, something a little further into town, near VCU is World Cup, which was definitely one of my favorites for coffee and a light (but more substantial than a scone) breakfast on the weekends. If I remember correctly, their muffins tend to sell out in the mornings, so you have to get there early.

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      1. re: shelleymonster

        Thanks shelleymonster, all the shops you mention are easliy accesible on my way to the office. I will give them a try.

        1. re: NXS

          I think the Grove Avenue Coffee has been turned into a starbucks - it was a bit of a big deal when it happened. The only local coffee shops in Richmond seem to be in Carytown or around VCU. The west end has NOTHING that isn't a chain. If it wasn't so out of my element I'd open one because it would be so great to have - especially if it had good baked goods since that is also seriously lacking in the area.
          The Joe's Market at Libbie Grove looks like it could be a nice stop for coffee although on the whole I find Ukrops coffee "eh". :)

        2. re: shelleymonster

          If you're going to Carytown and you want to sit and read the paper and eat a pastry, then I would recommend Can-Can. When I lived in Richmond last year, I made a 20 minute drive on weekends just to sit in there and drink cafe creme.

          1. re: concordcourtney

            I agree with concordcourtney. It's nice to sit at the cool bar with a cap and croissant and read the paper in an unusually calm and quite Can Can.

            Rostov's does have great roasts but it's less of a coffee shop in that they don't have anywhere to sit except two or three tables out front on Main Street. But I go there religously to buy my beans although I live in Short Pump.

            I've never been but you might try Crossroads on the southside.

            1. re: hopkid

              I just remembered that Shockoe Espresso in the Slip is a nice place to sit and have a caffeinated drink. And it's not really a coffee shop (then again neither is Can Can) but Cafe Gutenberg in the Bottom is a nice place to sit with a coffee as well.

        3. There are actually several good places to go for coffee on your route. They have widely varying atmospheres, so you can choose according to your tastes...

          - Betsy's in Carytown is now Bin 22, 3200 West Cary Street
          - Can Can is excellent for coffee and french pastries, also on Cary Street
          - Capital Coffee and Desserts, 2928 Cary

          The Fan
          - Kuba Kuba has great cafe con leche, and serves cuban breakfasts- 1601 Park Avenue
          - The Camel- new place along Broad, next to the WRIR radio station- coffees, tea, sandwiches, etc- 1621 W Broad
          - Harrison Street Cafe- 402 N Harrison- good vegetarian coffeeshop, huge VCU faculty/student hangout
          - Common Groundz- urban coffeeshop with coffee drinks like you'd find in Seattle- 743 W Broad
          - Crossroads Coffee- 1 N. Morris Street- my personal fave- they started on the south side, and have done so well they recently expanded into the Fan
          -Rostov's is good coffee, but I don't know if they have anyplace to lounge, which I need to have

          - Lift Coffee- 218 W Broad

          Shockoe Bottom
          - Cafe Gutenberg- may be a little out of the way, but it's in a beautfiul 2-story corner building, and has good european style coffee- lots of international papers, books, good international clientele, community events, etc

          Enjoy the search!

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          1. re: drlettie

            Thanks the the large number of suggestions.

            Will give some of them a try.