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Aug 29, 2007 10:28 AM

Seeking Malaysian Sensation

Hounds, I am going to Malaysia in October and want to acquaint my palate with Malaysian food beforehand. Tonight is the night!!

I have already been to New Malaysia in Chinatown's Elizabeth St. arcade, and want to try more places. I have heard mostly *eh* reports about the various Penangs and Nonya. Can anyone recommend anything other than New Malaysia? Any borough is fine (I'm posting in Outer Boroughs, too).

Thank you!

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  1. eastanah...i can't remember the address but it's in lower manhattan. definitely check it out - i love their food!

    1. Nonya is pretty good, I've always had a good meal there. I also frequent Eastanah, mostly for lunch however.

      199 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

      212 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

      1. How about Sanur? Looks good, then someone says it has gone seriously "downhill."
        The problem I'm encountering while reading about all of these restaurants is the love/hate mix of reviews for every single one of them. My head is spinning.

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          Most people who like Malaysian/Singapore/Indonesian food dont think the restaurants here do a very good job. the thing to realize is that most of the cooking that people love from the region is done by hawkers (street vendors) - who tend to specialize in one or a few dishes - yet thats not the format here in the US - people expect to see all the dishes they love and remember at one place so that (this is one theory) none of the places here do everything well - you have to figure out what (if anything!) a particular place is good at on their long menu.

          Another theory is that there just arent enough expert chefs for this cuisine here to meet the demand. anyway, I envy you for the treat you are about to experience on your trip - do enjoy!

        2. Try Skyway on Allen St.
          Overseas Asian restaurant on Canal and Orchard.

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          1. re: anil

            I've done the Malaysian route in Chinatown (admittedly, before some places like Skyway opened up.) But in general, liked Sanur (for the Kueh), and Jaya (for the taste in general, and just a really nice dining experience...)

            Oh - and for outer boroughs, try Curry Leaf in Queens! (Also decent Kueh, when they're not sold out...)

            1. re: gaijingirl

              Thank you to all who replied! I wound up at Nyonya on 8th Ave, Brooklyn. For my review, go here:

              Next time: Skyway.

              1. re: Puppimus

                We were at Skyway on Sunday ... it was a return visit and I was just as pleased as the first time. I recommend the fish-head casserole. Very much.

          2. I've always thought Nyonya got shortchanged on this board. I started going there shortly after Suan-lee Cheah opened it. It was my first introduction to perinakan food and I've eaten there about fifty times over the years. Just about everything (except the noodles, not counting noodles in soup) has been excellent. I've never found better in NY, though Good Taste and Sentosa give it a run for its money. I was disappointed in Skyway, which everyone loves.