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Aug 29, 2007 10:26 AM


I've enjoyed Rodneys' but looking to try someplace new. Starfish? Oyster Boy? Any recommendations?

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  1. those are the standards. I've had starfish...excellent. don't know OB, but i've heard good things.

    1. Harbour 60 always has a good selection of oysters on offer--3 to 4 varieties everyday. Sit at the bar and order adozen or two. Better yet order the seafood tower-- not inexpensive but excellent quality and great service.

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      1. re: ishmael

        Oyster boy, is casual, friendly, and they know their oysters.
        Great little place.

      2. Just ate at Starfish a couple of days ago. They had ten choices. Five from the west coast, five from the east. The night I was there they sold out the clams and scallops. If its ONLY oyster you want, better wait for a couple more weeks when they will be bringing in the 'flats'. Belon from France and Gallway from Ireland.etc. However, I would also go there for the fish. Expertly prepared with sensational sauces to match every time!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          I have never been to Starfish. Is there a bar like Rodney's? Does Starfish have live scallops? and finally what exactly are "flats"?

          1. re: chai

            There is an oyster bar where one could eat from and watch the world shucking champ owner Patrick perform his act. Occassionally, they do have live scallops in the shell, but just to make sure, call ahead to confirm. As for 'flats'. they are a varietal of oysters whose form is shaped round and 'chubby flat', totally different from your typical 'longish' varietal like the Malpaques. I love their texture since they are plumb and meaty. Best examples are the French Belon, the Irish Gallway bay and the English Colchester.

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Hmmm... never had English Colchester. How would you describe it?

              1. re: hungry_pangolin

                Very similar to the French Belon in size and shape. Roundish, plumb, meaty and sweet. Great with a glass of Muscadet or Sancerre.

              2. re: Charles Yu

                Was in Diana's in Scarborough last weekend, wasn't really paying attention but they had a few varieties of oysters available, and had scallops and clams as well. That's not a restaurant though, but you can get some and shuck them at home yourself. :) I think European oysters are at their best between Oct and March, so wait for a bit if you want to try those.

                I personally like Starfish better than Rodney's, but haven't been to either for a while...(I don't really eat cooked fish, so I don't go to Starfish during the summer months. :p)

            2. re: Charles Yu

              i'm excited for the flats.. the best oysters i've ever had are during the fall.

              oysterboy is more casual and actually has a similar feel as rodney's to me, but rodney's has this large open space that makes me feel as if im in some chain resto. my only issue with oysterboy.... one of their shuckers is absolutely AWFUL. they currently have a shucking champ but one of the other ones left large bits of shell and a whole bunch of grit in my oysters.

              i find starfish more casual upscale. the atmosphere is much more desirous to me when i want to have a nice relaxed dinner with a couple glasses of wine but without too much hubbub.

            3. Starfish is fantastic.
              I've never been to Rodney's
              Big Daddy's also has a nice selection at the bar. We used to go there a fair bit when we lived in the city but we've moved away. Haven't been there in about 5 years now though.


              1. I used to be a Rodney's fan until I went to Starfish. As an overall restaurant, Starfish is a much nicer place, though if your looking for a bar atmosphere Rodney's is a little more casual. However, I always walk out of there broke and hungry (i.e. not great value).

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                1. re: bluedog

                  I love Starfish. I only ever sit at the bar so, to me, it's very casual. Pull up to the bar, order a dozen oysters and a glass of wine....Fantastic!

                  1. re: EarlyDrive

                    I had a bad experience at Starfish recently due to service so I can't offer a recommendation for them based on that. However, the Oysters were pretty good if not the best I've come across. I noticed that Cyrano's has 99 cent Oysters advertised between 4-6 on weekdays (saw it on their sign while walking by). Has anybody tried them? Could be a good deal if the quality is alright.

                    1. re: Leforge

                      Never been, but almost certainly ubiquitous malpeques.