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Looking for Tastycakes

If you're an east-coaster, you hopefully know what I'm referring to. I need tastycakes. I've had my fam send out a couple boxes on occasion, but I'd like to be self-sufficient in the tastycake-area. Help me please...

I did read on one post that Philly's Best has them:

Any place else?

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  1. There is a sandwich shop on Washington, just east of Sepulveda, in Culver City called Markie D's and they sell Tastycakes.

    I'm 99% sure they do, anyway ...

    They also sell some east coast chip, too ... I think "Herr's" is the brand, though I can't remember for sure.

    They also have good sandwiches, cheese steaks and hoagies and stuff. A pretty good chili dog, too. Have no idea how authentic the cheese steaks are ... I've never eaten on in Philly ... but they are pretty good one way or the other.

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      I can second that, Marky D's has Tastycakes. And as a Pennsylvanian, Marky D's doesn't have Philly cheesesteaks exactly, but they're the closest approximation I've been able to find out here.
      And yes, you're thinking of Herrs, Paul.

      Speaking of chips, I'd love to find Gibbles out here.

      Also, South Street in Westwood carries tastycakes.

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        Markie D's cheesesteaks are my favorite. Though they don't use the amoroso roll, I find that their cheesesteak meat is the best.


        1. re: SauceSupreme

          Agree whole-heartedly.
          Also, that's a great blog, I hadn't checked it out before.
          Are you taking the photos, because they're beautiful.

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          "And as a Pennsylvanian, Marky D's doesn't have Philly cheesesteaks exactly, but they're the closest approximation I've been able to find out here."

          Have you tried Philly's Best? They're the real thing, even have Amoroso rolls.

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            I must admit, I haven't. Am I right in thinking there are no locations actually in LA?

      2. Fredo's in Pasadena has them. I've always seen plenty of the butterscotch krimpets and occasionally a chocolately thing or two.

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          not to mention the best cheesesteaks i've had out here. Fredo's has become a weekly thing for me which is saying something since i'm only in the area during their business hours on the weekends.

        2. South Street in Westwood carried them, probably still does.

          1. Big Mike's in El Segundo has a limited selection of them.

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              John's Philly Grille in Huntington Beach has them....and amazing cheesesteaks and fries!

              1. re: Dav

                Serious steaks also. I get the 18" and begin at lunch time and continue eating at dinner time.

                Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub
                507 Main St.
                El Segundo, CA 90245
                (310) 726-9638

              2. I have seen them at several locations of Philly's Best


                1. Philly's Best has a great selection of TastyKakes (I've been to the one in Irvine).

                  I haven't been to this place, but they show the Eagles games and serve Philly Cheese Steaks...owner is from Philly too. They just might have Tastykakes too...has anyone been there? -

                  The Shack
                  2518 Wilshire Blvd
                  Santa Monica, CA 90408

                  You can also order them from http://www.tastykake.com.

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                  1. re: Gina from OC

                    I've been there for an Eagles game or 10, but no tastycakes to my knowledge.

                  2. tastyKakes, people. c'mon, respect the krimpet.

                    1. I may be wrong but I swear I've seen these at the .99 cent store on La Tijera (near Centinela).

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                      1. re: broncosaurus

                        I know I've seen them at the Encino and Van Nuys .99 cent stores, too.

                        1. re: Diana

                          Some of you may know this, but Tastykakes, unlike other packaged cakes, have to be eaten soon after they get shipped out or they get stale. Being from Philly, I actually gave these out at my wedding (out here) as favors. Tastykakes strongly urged me to ship them directly (overnight) to the wine country instead of L.A. so they would arrive the day before the wedding. For that reason, be wary of places that might not be getting the freshest ones in and/or do not have huge turnover (maybe the .99 cent stores sell a lot and constantly refresh their supply - just pointing it out in case they don't).

                          Love this thread, btw. It reminded me I have to get to Fredo's ASAP to try the cheesesteaks for myself.

                      2. Fredo's Phillys carries them.

                        Fredo's Phillys
                        720 N Lake Ave
                        Pasadena, CA 91104
                        (626) 798-9905
                        Sun - Thurs 11am - 8pm
                        Fri - Sat 11am - 2 am

                        1. Philly's Best definitely has them....many different kinds too! I just bought some yesterday from the Philly's Best in Long Beach for my Pennsylvanian BF and for a couple of people from my office. If only they had Yuengling too....

                          1. The South Philly cheesesteak truck has them.

                            1. Yes, Philly's Best 100% has Tastycakes. I have eaten one at the Olive/Verdugo location. And might I add, an EXTREMELY delicious cheesesteak as well.

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                                You know, I'm inclined to agree with you about the deliciousness of the cheesesteak. Is it Pat's or Geno's? No, not really. But it's pretty damn good, they use Amoroso rolls, and they don't stare at you with their mouths agape when you order "provolone wit anna soda." My only complaint is that they make everything when you order it (I know, such a complaint, right?) and that means at lunchtime it can take 30-45 minutes to get your damn steak.

                                And not only do they have Tastycakes but also Wise potato chips (nostalgia!) and wishniak.

                                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                  I'm not the most knowledgable on cheesesteaks, but I did go to Philly, had one at Gino's, then had one at Philly's Best two weeks later, and honestly could not tell the difference. Yes, it does take quite some time, though. But really worth the wait :)

                              2. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ph...

                                Hello everyone! Check out my page and give me a call. I ship the same day if you order before 3 p.m. EST. Thanks.