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Aug 29, 2007 09:58 AM

New Street Cart Vendors to hit DC

Korean BBQ Food Cart on 14th & L???? What??? Has anyone been to it or that new halal cart?

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  1. No, but looks good. Too bad none are very close to my office. I would love to hit up one of the kebab places. I like the map feature they put on the article very convenient.

    1. i've seen it before....or, maybe it was one at 13th and was L though!

      1. I think they mean the new cart that serves only beef bulgogi or chicken teriyaki (southeast corner of 14th & L). I've had the beef bulgogi (both plates are $6.75). There is a grill in the cart but the bulgogi I was served (I visited last week and got there just before noon) was from a steam tray. Styrofoam trays are served with rice, a little salad, and a little kim chee. Portions are not huge but certainly enough to fill you up at lunch. Bulgogi was tasty, kim chee was bland, salad dressing looked like it was from scratch. Overall : good for a change, but nothing special.

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          That sounds pretty promising. It's too bad it's a bit too far from where I work to check out. But, hey there's going to be a kebab cart right next to my office building. Yay!

        2. Had the bulgogi for lunch. Pretty tasty and nice to have more cart options in town.

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          1. re: lmnopeas

            I really wish the Sterling doner kebab people would bring their van downtown.


            1. re: monkeyrotica

              It's in Leesburg the old Mighty Midget Kitchen now. I really wish they hadn't run off the BBQ joint. Best in the area.

          2. I was really excited to read this article! There was an article discussing this awhile back but I hadn't heard anything about the actual types of food that would be served. This sounds very promising.

            For a long time I was pretty skeptical about purchasing food from street cart vendors. But then I talked to a bunch of friends in Philly and NYC where street carts have some of the best cheap eats in town and was reassured that this is certainly the way to go.

            I don't work nearby any of the carts but I sometimes go to meetings in that section of town (and am currently applying to jobs near the carts) so I'm hoping to check some of them out.

            I think the more diversity the better. Right now the only exciting eat seems to be that amazing burrito dude that everyone is always talking about but I've never tried.

            Soul food, Korean BBQ etc all sound excellent. I would love some sort of Yakittori or better Asian eats...since this city is lacking in that of thing.

            I hope the post updates that map when all the vendors show up. That would certainly be something I would folk up and keep in my wallet just in case I find myself in that area with a growling stomach.

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            1. re: Elyssa

              Also, as a crossover to the gelato/ice cream thread: there seems to be a number of vendors selling some sort of gelato!

              I wonder what "Frozen Desserts" means exactly though. Is it just another ice cream truck? Or something different and delicious?

              1. re: Elyssa

                I'm from Philly and can testify to the greatness of the foodcart. I NEVER heard the term "roach coach" until I moved out of the city!. This is definitely a misconception. Foods are delicious and varied. And heavens knows cheap too. Some of the best trucks were in W. Philly all around U. of PA Hospital, were I used to work.
                I can tell you I had one of the best cheesesteaks from a truck run by 2 lovely Korean women, the best burrito at another and one more with fantastic vegetarian chili. Oh, and the fruit carts! DC should definitely get some of them...


                1. re: monavano

                  best food cart ever - chinese food outside the library at U of Pittsburgh - tofu and green beans. the best.

                  But philly does have great street food.

                2. re: Elyssa

                  I always thought that street vendors were cheap eats, and in NYC, they still are, sort of. But the prices in the Washington Post article made me think that I pay about the same in the not too fancy restaurants where I have lunch around home in Falls Gulch and get the food brought to me, I have a place to sit, air conditioning and heat, and the food's pretty decent. I understand that street vendors have to buy their carts (and a "DC cart" is a special enough design to warrant its own name among manufacturers) and pay for a license, but it just seems like I should pay less to a street vendor who doesn't have the overhead of a building or rent or property taxes or utility bills . . .

                  What this town needs is a good fifty cent felafel. <g>