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Aug 29, 2007 09:46 AM

Ice Cream on a Plane!

I'd really like to transport a gallon or two of Blue Bell ice cream with me on a direct flight from Dallas to Chicago (just over 2 hours). I'm looking at 4.5 hours total without a freezer.

Has anyone done anything like this before? I think using dry ice might be a problem or I might have to pay a fee... Would a cheap styrofoam cooler and several ice packs do it?

Whatever I do has to be cheaper than the $70 Blue Bell charges to ship the stuff across the country.


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  1. I would wonder whether ice cream would be considered liquid as per the 3-1-1 liquid rule.

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    1. re: cecilia

      It would take a very lenient TSA agent to let that slide, I think.

      What about checking it in a cooler? Do you think would it survive the trip?

      1. re: smithclay

        You can't bring ice cream'd have to check it. If you put it in a small cooler (or stay-cool bag) and put ice packs in that, and then put that all in a larger bag and then check it, it'd probably work. It might be tough though - it would probably keep the ice cream cold, but maybe not frozen.

    2. When I lived in CT, I discovered that the local Outback Steakhouse served vanilla Blue Bell on their brownie sundaes. They agreed to sell me some. You may want to call your local Outback and investigate.

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      1. re: Honey Bee

        pack it for check IN luggage, ensure that it is well sealed, pack it surrounded by LOTS of dry ice, label it "live lobsters" and check it in as close to departure as possible with the the instructions that it be removed first like oversize the end of the ride if it starts to melt a bit (after 2 hours of being frozen solid and packed in dry ice and transported in the cargo area of a plane which is the coldest part) even if it does melt a can be refrozen and shouldn't lose that much in transport....i hope it is brilliant ice cream....

        1. re: robgm

          I'm not sure you can check luggage with dry ice, i think that it would be considered hazardous material. However, dry ice will bring the temp down a lot more than your home freezer. I would recommend freezing the ice cream in dry ice to get it as cold as possible. Then pack in a well insulated container with cold packs.

          1. re: elainew

            Most airlines allow up to 4 lbs. dry ice in checked bags, but they must be inspected and approved on check-in to ensure you have packed it correctly.
            Google "dry ice checked bags" to find your airline's specific instructions on traveling with dry ice.
            Just allow yourself extra time and enjoy that ice cream!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. It is not uncommon to pack a cooler with ice or dry ice to ship fish, meat etc. for hunters and fishermen. Contact your airline first and tell them what you are planning to do, they will let you know the best way to do it.

          1. You should be able to ship a cooler. It'll probably count as part of your luggage. But best to check with the airline.