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Aug 29, 2007 09:26 AM

Salty Caramel Ice Cream

I'm desperately looking for salted caramel/salty caramel ice cream in NYC. I'm in Manhattan but am willing to travel. Does anyone know anywhere? Would be much appreciated.

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  1. Shake Shack has had it on its custard rotation the past couple of months. Watch for the new schedule in Sept.

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    1. re: Lucia

      They just had salted caramel at Shake Shack on Monday, FWIW.

      1. re: MMRuth

        How is the salted caramel at Shake Shack? I never try any of the flavors.

        1. re: kam0424

          I've not tried it - but just sounded wonderful.

          1. re: kam0424

            Salted caramel is the flavor of the day on Mondays, and we had some today. In a word: Yum!!

            Here's the custard calendar for September:

      2. Jeni's Ice Cream in Columbus, OH has FABULOUS salty caramel ice cream. They have an affiliation with Dean & Deluca and they also ship. They have loads of other yummy flavors too. You did say you were willing to travel (LOL!)

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        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          The Jeni's web site is actually (plural) :) And Diane you will be pleased to know Jeni's is coming to your neighborhood in Spring 2008.

        2. I had it at Borough Food & Drink a month or so ago.

          1. Just had a delicious scoop of dulce de leche at Cones on Bleecker! It is salty in a good way.

            1. I know that stuff is big out in the Bay Area, with Bi Rite creamery, and the pizza place in Larkspur. Shack Shack is more of a soft serve so it's likely to be different, but hopefully good enough for a craving. There's also a gelato place uptown on the west side (the name escapes me) which are doing more novelty flavors.