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Aug 29, 2007 09:18 AM

Class Suggestions at ICE

My first choice, a cooking class for singles was booked up on the Female side (surprise, surprise) So I'm looking for suggestions of fun classes to take at ICE, My skills are a bit beyond what the Cooking 101 course entails, but I'm no chef by any stretch.
Have any of you taken classes at ICE, and if so, which ones are good or musts to avoid?

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  1. I took an Indian cooking class and loved it...not quite sure the exact name, though.

    1. I took Myra Kornfield's semi-vegetarian Thai class. Highly recommended!

      1. I took a beginner tuscan class..Loved it, group was great, instructor was was fantastic!

        1. I took an Egyptian class cause my Mom came in to town last minute and we wanted to go to a cooking class. And then the next time, I took the breakfast class. Both of the instructors were fantastic. I loooved the breakfast class.

          1. Any class taught by Jordy Lavenderos. I took Mexican Party course with really elaborate dishes. He used to own Secretes in EV. He also teaches tapas and thai.