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Aug 29, 2007 09:03 AM

tart tatin

We are not huge dessert eaters, but can never resist a great Tart Tatin.
Which brasserie, cafe, etc. has the very best?
A few years ago we dropped into a brasserie in Port Royale for a late dinner as we had a business meeting there.
The Tart Tatin was the best ever.
We actually made the trek out there the next year but couldn't identify the restaurant, as there were so many in a row.
Would rather not stray too far from the centre of Paris, so does anyone have an opinion?

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  1. I love the Apple Tart at Maceo. It's not really a Tarte Tatin... the crust is super thin and crisp, and the apples are sooooo thinly sliced and perfectly caramelized... I'm getting hungry writing about it!

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      Years ago, we had an amazing Tarte Tatin at Le Vieux Bistro - near Notre Dame, I believe - with a huge bowl of creme fraiche. Any recent thoughts about this place?

    2. Check at Au Petit Tonneau on Rue Surcouf in the 7th; when it is on the menu it is luscious.