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Aug 29, 2007 09:01 AM

Fancy dinner for newly married couple -- recommendations needed!

I'm buying my friends -- who just got married and just moved to Chicago -- a wedding gift, so I thought a gift certificate for a local restaurant would be perfect. The total I can spend is $150 -- I'd like that to at least cover the whole meal, but not necessarily wine, tax, or tip.

Any recommendations? Something unusual to introduce them to Chicago's culinary scene would be ideal. Are Tru, NoMI, one sixtyblue, or Blackbird good places to start?

The bottom line is, where in town can a couple have the most fun (foodwise) for $150?

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  1. LEYE covers a fairly eclectic group of restaurants, from Tru to R.J. Grunt's, and a gift certificate from them would have the advantage of allowing the recipient to make the ultimate choice:

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      Lettuce Entertain You is a good suggestion. For even more flexibility, American Express offers a "Be My Guest" gift card that can be used at any restaurant accepting their credit card, so again, the recipient can make the ultimate choice.

    2. As a wedding gift, I'd go for someplace romantic

      Pane Caldo
      Le Coloniel
      Chez Joel

      1. I will let you in on my super-secret big city wedding gift.

        Go buy a $150 AMEX gift card and the latest edition of Zagat.
        Then suggest the new couple peruse Zagat and pick a great restaurant at which to use your gift. Depending on whether I know the city, I provide a couple recs of places that I like in my note with the gift.