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Aug 29, 2007 08:55 AM

Concord Restaurants-or lack of!

Hi there,

Just had to share an experience with everyone.
Myself and a friend of mine (an executive chef) went to 55 Degrees on Main Street in Concord last Friday night. I had been there one time before and found everything to be a bit overpriced, but the food was great. Being in the business, had also heard that the owner was difficult to get along-Well...saw that first hand. We entered the restaurant and proceeded to go to the bar in the back of the restaurant. The bartender was new, but was personable none-the-less and apologetic for his lack of knowledge about the martini menu. The owner stood at the end of the bar and stared at him and questioned his every move-right in front of us!! THE GUESTS! Talk about micro-managing. Very demeaning to everyone she came in contact with (her staff). We were really put off because this is a small restaurant and we come from the old belief that restaurant owners should mingle with their guests. To stand at the end of the bar and not acknowledge guests who are spending very good money-is VERY bad in my taste. Needless to say, we will not return to this restaurant based on these actions. The food was a little sub-par this visit as well. I encourage all small restaurant owners to welcome your guests and thank them for their patronage! It really goes a long way...

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  1. I have not been to 55 Degrees since a friend of mine told me about her experience there. She and her husband are young, both under 30, but professionals and very comfortable. They went out for dinner, and before they were even seated, they were asked- invasively- whether they were just there for drinks, whether it was dessert and coffee, what the special occasion was... and generally implying that they couldn't afford to be there (and they're definitely not the type to dress or act innapropriately).

    I'm not really anxious to have a credit check in order to qualify to be seated, so I haven't visited.

    1. Please specify a state when you make posts like this -- while people who recognize 55 degrees know what you mean, many others don't.

      There are 3 concords in New England - one in MA, one in NH, and one in VT.
      Now, doing a little digging (and going on an assumption) I know you mean New Hampshire. Though, please add enough location data so that we know where you mean.

      Better yet would be to use the "link to a place" feature -- it works great.

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          And Burlington. In general, just make it a point to include the state...