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Aug 29, 2007 08:46 AM

Sur La Table, random find

I was at the San Francisco Ferry Building last weekend, and quickly browsed through the Sur La Table store, not really intending to buy any new pans, but in the sale section there was one Sur La Table brand 10" saute/skillet pan for $50. Thick copper exterior and stainless steel lining. Made in Italy (for those who care). There is still a link on their website:

It used to be $100 which was an "introductory price." I guess there wasn't much interest so they're just closing them out at 50% off. The walls of the pan are more vertical (although rounded) than I'd like to really "saute" but it's a $50 copper pan. Can't complain. Used it already a few times and it performed as expected of a good, heavy copper pan.

If you scour your local Sur La Table, you might find one.

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