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Aug 29, 2007 08:43 AM

Why does everyone seem to hate Ducasse?

Thinking of going to Beige. There isn't much on the boards about it ... the few reviews that I've read all say great things about it so far (unlike essex house in NYC). I ate at Mix in Las Vegas and was disappointed but am thinking of giving him another shot since perhaps other then Robuchon he's the undisputed best chef (mostly by white people in the western world -- i think i'd vote for the pad thai woman on Soi 19 in bangkok or the mango / sticky rice cart on soi 38).

Anyways to provide some background i'm coming from a city that doesn't have a Thomas Keller / Alice Waters / Charlie Trotter in their backyard to go to for fine dining.

I did go to L'atelier of Robuchon in NYC and thot the food was fantastic ..

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  1. I went to Beige about a month after it opened, and it was excellent. The food was very simple and clean, basically showcasing fresh, seasonal ingredients. If you liked L'atelier, you'll definitely like Beige. Unlike Essex House and Ducasse's other places, it's not over the top in terms of service or presentation.