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Aug 29, 2007 08:36 AM

Companies or individuals in Portland, ME, who would buy bakery goods and ship?

My wife and I just returned from five wonderful days in Portland (a last minute scramble to find a good vacation destination) and ate and drank our way through the best that Portland had to offer. Five Fifty-Five, Ri-Ra, The Front Room, Broad Arrow Tavern (in Freeport)...we did good.

We also fell in love with the charming bakeries around town like Big Sky, One Fifty Ate and Two Fat Cats. Big Sky, particularly, in the old firehouse was just tremendous. We're in Chicago and not that there isn't great stuff here, but I wanted to have some shipped back to me here.

I just got off the phone with Big Sky and, sadly, they don't ship. They want to insure maximum quality and freshness and be sure it doesn't get damaged en route. I can respect that. But I was willing to give them my FedEx account number to have it shipped here overnight. They still declined.

There's always a market for someone to do something, but does anybody know of a company or individual who if I sent them the money by Paypal or some other means could manage purchasing for me at the bakery and ship it back here to Chicago?

Thanks in advance for suggestions or ideas.

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  1. When Pigs Fly does Internet sales from The breads are really good, they're one of Maine's earlier artisanal bakeries. It started in York, but now has shops in Kittery and Freeport, too. They send the breads parbaked, so you have to finish them off. An amazing array of flavors are available. Yesterday I picked up a whole grain Anadama that's really delish.

    1. I am retired and would love to help you out, but am leaving for Sarasota the first of October. I lived in Maine all my life and we do have some wonderful products here in the Portland area. I just found a farmer who makes Strawberry Jam. I buy a jar a week. I am also going to Minot Maine next week because there is another shop that makes their own strawberry jam.....I noticed in the yellow pages a company called Craters & Freighters that might pick up your goods, package, and ship. Tel 800-335-9996 or local 207-797-8787 or Portland Shipping 207-871-9162. There are also several locally owned UPS shipping stores that may pickup your items, pack and ship.
      Good Luck

      1. Gee, I would have been glad to have an excuse to check out bakeries, I was just their this past week. Going back the first of October, if you still need someone, let me know!

        1. I just got back from a trip to Portland yesterday myself, and I agree that the bakeries are great--I'm munching on a chocolate sable from Standard Bakery on Commercial St. as I type. But surely, surely there are bakeries in Chicago that can supply your craving until your next trip to Portland. Big Sky is right to judge that their breads wouldn't be as good after an overnight plane ride as they would be just out of their oven. And even if money is no object, think about the carbon emissions involved in shipping your stuff--a bit extravagant for a loaf of bread. Furthermore, I live in Boston and I found the bakery offerings in Portland to be very similar to what we have here in terms of quality and variety. I've also had comparable bread and cookies in Iowa City, so it's not the northeast that's special. I've never been to Chicago, so I can't help you, but ask around on your own board--you're looking for artisanal, crusty, French-country-style bread, and cookies, brioche, and scones that are made from whole ingredients and aren't too sweet.