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Aug 29, 2007 08:17 AM

Magnificent Muffins and Bagels, Teele Sq.

I have passed by this little shop on my way to work hundreds of times and never really noticed it. Was hungry this morning for breakfast and the yogurt in my fridge was past it's sell by date, so Magnificent Muffins and Bagels caught my eye as I was driving in. They have an egg and cheese on a bagel for $1.75, and better yet, it's good! It is a real fried egg, a little goopy in the middle just the way I like it. There is a woman cooking them up on the griddle right there in front. Much better than the yellow egg product you get at most quickie places that resembles styrofoam. The bagel itself was not anything to write home about, but was a fine vehicle for the egg and cheese. This is the best value breakfast sandwich I've found - I would guess that an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's would cost more. The only downside is that now I'm going to be tempted to eat too much for breakfast every morning as I drive by this place.

They also had bacon or sausage, egg and cheese for $2.50 or $2.75, and you get the sandwiches on a croissant for 50 cents more.

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  1. They have been there for a _long_ time, although the name changed from something like Bagel & Muffin Shoppe (or Stop, or Ye Old something, not certain). There is another one in West Medford, right across from one of the busier Dunkin Donuts in the area. Its staffed by 3-4 older charismatic ladies, who know the names of all the regulars and its just fun to get the old-timed friendly service. Muffins are $1.50 and a step up from Dunkins (not quite Jordan Marsh goodness though), coffee isn't much to write home about. I initially didn't think too much about the Teele location, but the West Medford one has grown on me over the past 4-5 years.

    1. Yeah, it's tough not to like this place. The muffins are almost absurdly rich, but I enjoy them as an occasional weekend treat.

      Not sure if it's newer or older, but I recently noticed a second branch of MM&B in West Medford, right near Bistro 5.

      1. I think you've just about nailed it. Good for sandwiches, ok for muffins, don't bother with the bagels. Great atmosphere, though, and usually a cop or DPW guy or something so you know it's safe :)

        1. must close early because they're never open when i pass by in the afternoon/night

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            They close at noon everyday. I love their sandwiches, but find the muffins to be too greasy.