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Aug 29, 2007 08:11 AM

Healthy Lunch in Midtown West

My office is on 53rd and 6th and I feel like I have hit every restaurant in a 5 block radius. . . Can somone please recommend a place that has good healthy food in the neighborhood that is not just another Uber-deli? THANKS!!!

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  1. Have you tried The Pump? It's at 40 W. 55th between 5th and 6th.

    1. Better Burger is great for healthy fast food. It's got great baked fries, high-quality beef, tasty smoothies, good chile, and the soy burger's great. Burger 'n fries place without the grease. On 49th and 9th, kind of a haul, but they deliver. .

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        ...actually 43rd and 9th... (and those fwies are tewwable!)

      2. Thank you all.. I went to Pump for lunch. Food was pretty tasty, but the wait was insufferable... (20 mins for one entre!) Thank you all, and keep the reccommendations coming!

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          You can phone in your order ahead of time if you don't want to wait.

        2. Energy Kitchen runs on the same idea as Pump. There are two locations nearish you:

          417 West 47th Street
          (btwn 9th and 10th Ave)

          1089 Second Avenue
          (btwn 57th and 58th St)
          (212) 888-9300

          It's a bit of a walk (but that's healthy, right? =) Both Energy Kitchen and Pump deliver and are on Seamlessweb.

          If you like Japanese, there are folks who sell bento boxes (non-sushi) across from the Au Bon Pain on 50th just west of 6th. Make sure you show up at 12:30 pronto, though, because they go fast. Of course, there's sushi, too. Shimizu on 51st near 8th is great.

          There's an Israeli salad bar called House of Pita on 48th between 5th and 6th. Don't get the falafel (mediocre); focus your attentions on the salad combo plate and pick three or four of around 30 tasty salad options (including roasted eggplant, tabouleh, shepherd's salad, pickled red cabbage, chickpea, etc...), almost all of which are very healthy. The salads come with pita.

          For Indian, Kati Roll (basically wraps made out of paratha and fillings of your choice) is fairly healthy. There's one at 46th near 6th.

          1. besides Shimizu for a less expensive lunch is Aoki on 48th bet. 7th & 8th. good lunch specials and fresh sushi.