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Aug 29, 2007 07:58 AM

Where to eat in Hudson Heights?

Hi all - just moved up to Hudson it so far, but where does one get a good meal that they haven't cooked themselves at home?

Thanks for any info you've got!

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  1. For those of us who don't know, where exactly is Hudson Heights?

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      I think it's the newest/fanciest way to describe a section of Washington Heights. I think they decided to rename the area west of Broadway to take away the perceived stigma.

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        Hi Leah - Hudson Height's boundaries are J. Hood Wright Park (173rd Street) and Fort Tryon Park (Margaret Corbin Circle at 192nd Street), west of Broadway. When the cable guy came to hook me up he told me he doesn't care what 'we' call it, he calls it the Bronx :)

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          Got it. Thanks! The Riverdale Diner around 238th and Bwy has pretty solid diner food.

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            I have a client in that area (albeit below the stairs!) - I've had pretty good sushi on W. 181st Street - quite near Cabrini Wines, which is quite a good wine store, by the way. Don't remember the name though.

        2. This is my nabe! Our diamond restaurant is Park Terrace Bistro (207/Bwy) Moroccan food, good wine selection, great service. Eaten almost everything on the menu and it's all excellent.

          For bugers and pub fare it's Piper's Kilt (207/Bwy) or Coogan's (168/Bwy).

          Garden Cafe (207/Bwy) has a kick ass brunch. Love the french toast! Newcomer on the block is Estufa (215/Bwy). Just opened in May I think. I've only had brunch there once but it the french toast was good.

          My go-to, every day place is Next Door (Ft. Washington/187). A little bit of everything. Turkey meatloaf or a pasta dish hits the spot every time. Sushi rolls aren't bad either.

          For upscale Latino head to Hispaniola (towards river end of 181) or 809 (Dykman/Nagle). Love the empanadas at Hispaniola. Service is slooow at 809 but the cocktails will make you forget all about that. For no frills Latin to go hit Dykman Express (Dykman/Nagle). It's 24 hrs and they have platters for five bucks!

          For a refreshing glass of wine and a light snack hit the wine bar Vino Veritas (St. Nick's/171). The staff is great in explaining the wines to you. Not pretenious at all.

          Plum Pomidor (168/Bwy) has a tasty takeout special of two skewers (beef or chicken) with rice and veggie.

          For drunk food 24 hrs it's always Kennedy Fried Chicken(Dykman/Nagle). Name says it all.

          Grandpa's (211/Bwy) is it for pizza and homestyle Italian (chicken parm & baked ziti type stuff). It's good and not overly salty but DO NOT go hungry. They are sloooow.

          Welcome to the Heights! Only real estate folk call it Hudson Heights. These are only my regular haunts. Try to find an uptown dining guide and it will have all the good places to eat north of 155. Also, check in with There's a thread there that keeps track of all neighborhood eateries.

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            Thanks so much, everyone, I appreciate it!

            Ladypandora, your list is fantastic - wow! My belly and I (and my husband) thank you. I'm excited to try your haunts.

            And I'm going to wean myself from saying I live in 'Hudson Heights'...hee...

          2. I love the New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park for a pleasant drink at their bar. Dinner is pricey, but worth it if you can swing it. The chef is top notch (try the pork dish!) and sitting outside under the moon and leafy trees is very romantic. The people who work at the restaurant are congenial and made being there very pleasant. A walk in nearby Heather Garden before or after dinner is heavenly.