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Aug 29, 2007 07:50 AM

any great cheesesteaks around Rittenhouse?

I know the most famous cheesesteaks aren't around Rittenhouse, but that's what chowhound's for. Are there any cheesesteaks worth eating within a 15-minute walk of the square? My girlfriend and I are coming to Philly this weekend and staying near the square, are both recovering from sprained ankles (not nearly as interesting a story as it should be), and would love to take a short walk to a great Philly cheesesteak. Where should we go?

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  1. I've had very good (but not earth-shattering great) steaks at Dolci Carrini, on the 1900 block of Chestnut. (pizza is great there)

    Not too recently, but I've also had a good steak at Tower Pizza, 20th street between Walnut and Sansom. (pizza is bad there).

    Don't forget to go to Capogiro for gelato for dessert, on the corner of 20th/Sansom.

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    1. re: JugglerDave

      Thanks, hadn't heard about any of these places before. Will definitely check one out.

      1. re: williej33

        In Philly, there are a few "steak" places, a few of which are great/sublime and a few are touristy, and those you hear about (Pats / Gino's / Chink's / Dellasandros / Jims / Chubby's / Tony Luke's / etc.)

        Virtually every pizza place in town is really a pizza / steak shop. Most are at least average. Some are good to very good and I include Dolce Carini in that camp. Basically if they use the right rolls and decent steak it's at least "good".

        These places (pizza/steak places) are virtually never mentioned, not sure if any of the pizza/steak places are in the "sublime" camp. But within only a few blocks of Rittenhouse they are the good ones in my opinion.

        1. re: JugglerDave

          "Virtually every pizza place in town is really a pizza / steak shop. Most are at least average."

          I agree. I grew up eating cheesesteaks from local pizza joints. When out-of-towners ask me where to get a cheesesteak, I shrug and say anywhere, which is truer for cheesesteak than for most food. Then I tell them about roast pork sandwiches.

          1. re: Dib

            yeah, i too think that's true.
            i'd even add that there are some pizza places that make some pretty mediocre pizza that make decent cheese steaks.

            1. re: Bob Loblaw

              Joe's is one who makes much better cheese steaks than pizza. One of my rules in life is never eat a cheesesteak at a pizza joint (they usually toast (dry out) the rolls. I LOVE the steaks at Joe's pizza. There are also a couple of good CARTS around the square ...

    2. Tony Jrs on18th St. between Chestnut and Sansom makes a pretty good steak.