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Aug 29, 2007 07:44 AM

David Burke LV: Terrible

We ate there 8/27. It was club-like loud. The waiter had to yell to be heard and the 2 of us could barely hold a conversation. I've been to and love Nobu and N9ne--both loud places and this place was much much worse.

Food was no better and way overpriced, even for vegas. I had veal. Served on the bone in a metal bowl. It was fatty and tasteless. A small side of ordinary fries was $9 and a tiny tomato and mozzerella salad, also bland was $18. So called sushi was drenched in oil as was a shrimp rock grilled dish. Both had to be sent back.

Service was chaotic. Only plus was bread-- but we only got 1piece each and were never offered more. This place is a $100/person (plus drinks) disaster. Avoid it.

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  1. I agree, my wife and I ate here 9/1. Service was terrible (never saw waiter from time he took our order until he brought the check). My wife's steak was overcooked and underseasoned. My sea bass had no flavor at all.

    Very disappointing.