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Aug 29, 2007 07:29 AM

Por Fin restaurant

Does anyone know if/when this place is opening? Read the short blurb about a chef from El Bulli taking reign in the kitchen. I just spent three weeks in Barcelona and went to two off-shoots of El Bulli (unfortunately could not get in to the mother restaurant), comerc 24 and Inopia, and both were unreal. Would love to continue that streak sometime soon at Por Fin.

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  1. I've see where it's going up. I have my reservations about this place though, and not because of the talent in the kitchen, but because of the cool reception that any place that's slightly experimental tends to get in Miami (see La Broche and Mosaico). My gut says they'll start out with a cool menu and within a few months it'll be dumbed down and you'll have paella, bacalao a la vizcaina and gambas al ajillo coming out of your ears.

    1. I work near its location and it doesn't look very close to being open yet. Seems they're done with the exterior work on the building but doesn't appear to be much going on inside. Will try to take another look this week.

      For some reason contemporary Spanish has struggled in Miami. Witness the failures of La Broche (started by Sergei Arola, hugely successfuly in Madrid) and Mosaico (Jordi Valles, another who trained under Adria).

      If you haven't alread done so, I highly recommend you give Ideas Restaurant in Coconut Grove a shot. A bit more traditional than the others mentioned but shows hints of something more. Hope it's still open, been a while since I've been.

      Ideas Restaurant
      2833 Bird Ave, Miami, FL 33133

      1. I hope that this place does well. I question whether (assuming he does the molecular gastronomy like El Bulli) this restaurant would do better on the beach. If ever in Barcelona, I HIGHLY recommend both of these places. Hopefully Por Fin takes on the character of these two spots and succeeds.

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          I'm somewhat doubtful you're going to see anything like El Bulli. Their website describes it as "authentic dishes from Spain, Southern France and Italy, fused with creative touches of the 21st century." Maybe you'll see flashes of it here and there, but I'm expecting something a little less adventurous.

          I also have often wondered where the appropriate location for these type of places is in Miami (assuming there really is one). La Broche was in an odd hotel location on Brickell Bay Drive. Mosaico also was in Brickell neighborhood (in the old Firehouse building). Not quite sure why both chose this area, as it's never exactly been a hub of fine dining. Ideas is in another sort of out-of-the-way location in Coconut Grove.

          I think the Gables is probably a better prospect than Brickell or Coconut Grove; not sure if South Beach would be even better or not. Clearly, South Beach diners are not afraid to drop large amounts of money on a meal. However, it's not clear whether that's a market that's amenable to something different and a little experimental.

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            Spain, Southern France and Italy? Sounds like it'll be mess and they'll end up serving paella, bouillabaisse, and pasta primavera.

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              I am at least hopeful, based on the chef's credentials and past employment, that he has the ability to pull these combinations off. I was going with El Bulli more in the presentations and the methods of presentation/unique combinations of flavors and textures. Hopefully it opens (relatively) soon.

        2. hey! i know this is an old post, but i thought i would reply since i dined at por fin last night. they're not technically open to the public yet but since i'm friends with the chef. here's what i think:

          The restaurant’s design is modern, sophisticated, and chic. The color palette is dark wood with beige. The staff is friendly and attentive. The location of the restaurant is perfect and I am sure it will become very popular very fast. The food was incredible. We had bread, several appetizers, two entrees, two desserts, and wine and each of those was so good we couldn’t stop saying “this is so amazing” after just about every bite.
          The three different types of bread are served with a tomato dip, a hummus type of dip, and olives. I hate olives, but I ate a bunch of these as they weren’t bitter, but had the intense flavor of cumin. And, the hummus type spread was really good too. For appetizers we tried the caprese salad which was very good, the patatas bravas (the best potatoes I’ve ever eaten), a pear fiocchi (yummy fresh pasta filled with pear and cheese in a light sauce), a filet mignon salad, and two eggs with potato crisps and Serrano ham on top. The eggs were my sister’s favorite of all the dishes and she says that will be what she orders next time. Each course sounds like it would be heavy what with the eggs, potatoes, and meat but they were all very light and even though we probably consumed about 3,000 calories each we still didn’t feel heavy after the meal. For the entrees I had the short ribs (melted in my mouth!) with potato foam and my sister had the lobster with coconut rice (she really liked it though its more of a heavy meal than she prefers to have). For dessert we order chocolate soufflé and torrija (a soft brioche French toast) which were sinful but worth it.

          The drive to coral gables is a pain for us, but we will definitely be coming back for more! Especially if they have a happy hour at the lounge upstairs.

          Also, I don't really think I am biased because I am friends with the chef, this is the first time I tasted his work and I was blown away.

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            Sounds amazing. When are they opening to the public? I noticed them on opentable the other day, but when I went to the website there was no information.

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              I think it's open already. I drove by there Thursday and Friday nights and there were people dining inside...

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                I've seen that several times, but never seen the doors actually open to the public. I've passed by and seen half empty wine glasses and the like. Maybe it's been open and I just didn't realize it

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                  opentable has them accepting reservations for march 10 and after for what that is worth.

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              Hey Gimmecarbs,
              Ate there last night myself and thought everything was yummy. I had a coffee after dinner and they had a little cookie on the saucer which was AMAZING....we asked our server for a few more. I was hoping since the chef is a friend of yours, you may be able to get the recipe and post for us. THEY ARE DELCIOUS LITTLE TREATS!!!!

            3. The original comment has been removed