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Aug 29, 2007 06:23 AM

Blue Hill or Eleven Madison Park?

Discuss. Details please. I've been to Blue Hill (years ago) but not the other. Which is better right now and why?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Our one dinner at Blue Hill dates back several years and was something of a disappointment, so we've not been back. However, a recent dinner at Blue Hill @ Stone Barns was so sensational that we are considering giving BHGV another try.

      Regulars on this board know that I'm a major fan of Eleven Madison Park. We've been there many times since Chef Humm took over the kitchen early last year, and his French-inspired cuisine always leaves us in awe! I think he is a star, one of the most talented chefs on the NYC dining scene. In additional to stellar cuisine, the wine list is excellent, service is cordial and professional, and the space is gorgeous!

      1. I know this may be scandalous for this board, but I would choose Blue Hill over EMP. I was underwhelmed by EMP when I went (no thanks to the super high expectations set here), and was really happy with a meal I had at Blue Hill a few months ago. The food at Blue Hill is very fresh and flavorful, but light enough so that it doesn't put you in that food coma at the end of the meal. The room is more low key, but still elegant. So, my pick would be Blue Hill.

        1. I've never been to Blue Hill, but I love EMP! Since Chef Humm took over, I've never had less than a wonderful time (always saying let's book another dinner). Two weeks ago, my sister and I took our 83 years (young) mother for her birthday on a Sunday brunch, and she was thrilled with everything. EMP even had special menus wishing our mom happy birthday; very classy! Food, service and decor are wonderful!

          1. Both restaurants are excellent, so it really comes down to personal preference. Why don't you tell us who you are going with, what kind of atmosphere you are looking for, and may be some of your other favorite restaurants. Then we can suggest the one that you may enjoy more

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              I'm in for a business meeting and have a few hours to kill before a late train home, so I'm probably dining by myself, probably on the early side at the bar. So food is really the primary concern. My tastes? Well, I have dined at the French Laundry and Per Se. I've been to Blue Hill and love it. Also a fan of Cafe Boulud. I don't get to NYC that often anymore so, I can't speak to the many other wonderful places you have that I have yet to enjoy. On that basis alone, I should probably try EMP, but it's been three or four years since went to Blue Hill. I had a wonderful experience at Blue Hill and miss it. So that's the dilemma. I've also never been to Grammercy, so that's an option, but I'm trying to keep the choice simple.

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                I actually think that Gramercy is a lovely place to eat at the bar ....

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                  Definitely give EMP a try. It's a great place for dinner at the bar.