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Aug 29, 2007 05:50 AM

Texas Steaks in Arnold Now Griffin's??

Does anyone know the scoop with Texas Steaks in Arnold? I drove by this morning and noticed it has a Sign that said Griffin's?

Is that any relation to the Griffin's that used to be in Annapolis?

I thought Texas Steaks was just awful, but am interested to know if it has changed ownership and now might actually be good.

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  1. I know Griffins still has their West St. location? Do you know why they left downtown? It couldn't have been for lack of customers. And what is going on with Riordans?

    If it is Griffin's they do have some good things at least on the menus of their other locations they have.

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      The Griffins downtown changed the name and is under new management I am not sure why.

      Riordans closed because teh city made them put up the scafolding because they claimed the building was crumbling and posed a hazard. Riordan's owners claimed they lost business because of it and were forced to close after 20+ years.

      I have not see the menu of the new site. I don't even know if they are affiliated, but Texas Steaks was so bad the last time I went I am afraid to try it unless I know it is under new management.

      1. re: Annapolis07

        Griffin's West was in the process of a name change/menu revamp as of a few weeks ago.

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          This is all so odd... I wish someone knew some inside scoop on it all. Thanks for updating me on some. It is sad. Roirdans and Griffins were pretty good, and have been there forever, I mean not the best gourmet cuisine, but... Those are two of the places all us people who worked in the state house got carryout from which you didn't get so sick of eating all the time. Downtown seems to be losing so many of the places that were there forever and new places are slow to fill their spot. And more chains... I wish the Annapolis government was more supportive of small business.

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            It gets worse. Better get your barf-bag. I heard TGI Fridays is going in where Riordans was. Im surprised Annapolis is allowing that. Ew.

            1. re: Spyfunkr

              What???? That can't be. Has Annapolis sunk to new lows? How could they block Dean and Deluca in favor of local business and allow such a place?

              1. re: Spyfunkr

                Oh no! I want to cry... Annapolis needs a new mayor and coucil they are so pro big business. Markethouse people out for Dean and Deluca who didn't show, TGI's, CVS, etc...

                It is sad. I am glad I live in DC now, but I feel bad for all the locals there and all the small businesses trying to make it with such an anti-been there forever places and anti-microenterprise view.

      2. Yes they are a part of Griffin's West - they have pretty much the same menu and have trivia night on Thursdays and Karaoke on Fridays.... Thank goodness something else took Texas Steakhouses place!

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        1. re: ravenalita

          Good, texas steaks was just awful and Griffins will be a welcome addition to the area. i will check it out.

        2. The food vendors in Market House. Shameful.

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          1. re: thatfarmgirl

            Yeah, I signed the petition, tons of people did to stop them from evicting people and the city didn't care at all.

          2. We went there yesterday for lunch based on this thread - thanks! What an improvement! The menu had large variety of items - salads, steaks, a half dozen fish selections.

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            1. re: Denise

              We checked this place out last night and I have to say we were not impressed. Maybe they need some time to work out their issues and train the staff.

              We arrived around 7pm and found the non-smoking section pretty empty. We were informed we could sit in the smoking section or wait 10 mintes for non-smoking. The bar area looked nice, but my husband can't tolerate smoke and several people were smoking. We waited the 10 minutes and were seated in the uninspired dining room. I don't know who planned the space, but they could have easily gotten more tables in the room. I am not one for sitting on top of my fellow diners, but the space between tables and the sparsely decorated dining room made the space feel cold and uninviting. Even with the dining room half full, service was quite slow.

              Our waiter was friendly and helpful. We ordered the calamari, but they were out of that dish. We went for sandwiches. I had the Chicken BLT. It was served on a nice roll, but unfortunately it was over toasted and had a very nasty burnt taste on the edges. The chicken was overcooked and dry and the pesto mayo was missing, replaced with plain mayo. This is not really an issue, but if pesto mayo is advertised for a sandwich, it should be present. My husband had the chicken chesapeake, a sandwich he enjoyed at the downtown location. The chicken was again dry and overcooked. The crab dip was served on the side and was so soupy and runny he could hardly get it to stay on the sandwich. Most of it ended up on the plate. No problem serving it on the side I guess, but it would have been nice if it was the proper consistency. It was more like a cream of crab soup. Maybe they mixed them up. The sandwiches were not inedible, but did not inspire a desire to rush back.

              The fries were crispy and hot. They were not homemade, but good. A tiny single serving of ketchup was served with the sadwiches. No big deal I guess, but unless you are serving some high end gourmet sauce, can we just get a bottle of Heinz for the table.

              The waiter handed us our check without asking us if we wanted dessert. We didn't but he should have asked. Maybe he could tell we were not that impressed, or perhaps they were out of dessert.

              If the manager would have been around we may have expressed our concerns, but no one in charge seemed present. Maybe that is the problem.

              I would love for them to work out their issues and once the smoking ban goes into place the bar area looks much nicer and we may give them another try at that point.