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Coca Cola made with cane sugar

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Can anyone help me find a place in Philly or the burbs that DOESN'T sell coke with high fructose corn syrup?
I understand that around Passover one can find it with cane sugar but that's about the only time.

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  1. I think that'll be tough. I know in Mexico it doesn't have corn syrup but I don't believe that necessarily means that the Mexican grocerias in South Philly will sell that version, as they'd still have a US supplier.

    Though maybe your best bet, albeit not a great one.

    1. La Lupe in the Italian Market sells Coca Cola made with cane sugar. And it comes in retro glass bottles.

      Lalupe Restaurant
      1201 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

      1. I have cut out corn syrup from my diet. I do usually stock up on Coke and Sprite around Passover time. For the rest of the year, I recommend buying some other brands that make all of their flavors with cane sugar: Boylan's, Gus's and Jones. Gus's is less sweet than the other 2 brands, but they are all good.

        1. Plaza Gibraldi tastes like it is not corn syrup. I am pretty sure it is sugar.
          Even when I was in Mexico a few months ago most of the cokes I saw had corn syrup. It really makes a huge difference!
          Look around and ask, but trust me, it is hard to come by.

          1. I remember as a kid being told that chief difference btw coke and pepsi was that pepsi was corn while coke was cane. Was this ever the case 100%???

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              smas: But La Lupe is never going to sell me cases and cases of their coke. They want it for themselves.
              (I wonder where they purchase it)

              LuckyDog: Where do you purchase the sugar kind at Passover time?

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                The Kosher Shop-Rite in Cherry Hill on Route70 (before the Wegman's complex) has it during Passover. They might have it during non-passover time also. Check there.

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                  Thanks Bumble.
                  Now to wait for Passover....

            2. Boylan Sodas can be found all over and I know the Cane Cola is the same as Coke, but they use real cane sugar. Most all local supermarkets sell the brand.

              1. la morena, a little mexican restaurant in hatboro, has mexican coke w/the sugar instead of high-fructose.

                1. here a link for Dr Pepper from the original bottling plant that only runs with cane sugar year round


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                    In Quakertown, my area, there's a good taco joint and in their beverage case, they have coke sweetened with sugar--- SOMETIMES. It must be around all over in other Mexican grocery shops. In my experience, if the label says that it has either sugar or corn syrup, it's always corn syrup. Man, you can really taste the difference.

                  2. If you are near the Delaware border, you may want to try the New Castle Farmer's Market. Just as described, they come in glass bottles and as of this time they are $1.50 per bottle. It is in the Mexican food store in the market!

                    1. If you don't want to wait til Passover you can get it online. There are a few sites for obscure and imported sodas. Galco's Soda Pop Stop (based in L.A.) has coke from cane: