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Aug 29, 2007 05:18 AM

Boone, NC dinner out

Any recs for a more upscale dinner in Boone or close by? No Thai or other Asian please.
I'm not looking for white table cloths, etc. but above chains, etc. I've heard Vidalia mentioned by friends.

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  1. For Italian, I'd recommend Casa Rustica. Nice atmosphere, live jazz, quality food, and good service.

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      We had a great experience at the Mast Farm Inn in nearby Valle Crucis. Charming setting, very good food, and attentive service.

        1. re: Tom from Raleigh

          Be sure that you verify that Mast Farm Inn is serving dinner the night that you choose. We chose this place based on their dinner, unfortunately they were not serving that night. But a very nice place too stay.

      1. I like Vidalia's quite a lot -- neuveaux Southern, not quite as upscale (or as expensive) as Mast Farm Inn or the Gamekeeper. It's a small operation, run mostly by chef/owner Michael Vetro with a few helpers. His pimiento cheese is among the best I've had [idea, perhaps, for a separate thread -- good places for pimiento cheese, which is something akin to southern caviar].
        The last two times I went to Casa Rustica, I was disapointed with the food and the service. Very inexperienced college kids running the front of house without apparent adult supervision. I've heard from a reliable source familiar with Italian food that Sorrento's in Banner Elk has an Italian visiting chef for the summer who is spectacular. Don't know if he's still there.
        Avoiding any form of Asian food in the High Country is still, unfortunately, your safest option.

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            I don't get to Blowing Rock very often, but I've enjoyed Bistro Roca for wood-fired pizzas (duck breast, goat cheese and dried cherries was particularly nice) and their wine and beer. Good food, attractive room, knowledgeable staff who like to eat and drink well. I've had mostly good luck with the Best Cellar in Linville -- the original is in BR -- apart from desserts. Last time there I did get an astonishingly icey sorbet (botching the sugar concentration is easy enough to do, but not the mistake you would expect from professionals). However, I have to confess I have an ongoing beef with desserts in the High Country; although the Best Cellar does run the same, dull list of usual suspects on their dessert menu, they USUALLY execute them better than most others up here. But I won't be ordering their sorbet again.